Where to sell a Strida

Hey guys I live in Toronto but I’m moving to the country next month and I need to sell my Strida, any suggestions? I’ve tried kijiji , but so far no love for my favorite folding bike.

If you can and depends where you are going to I would try to pack it away with me! you might find out that the new place is cycle friendly and having to find a new bike again would suck.

I saw your add also:

toronto.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-sell … Z405983426

if what you are saying that this is the two speed strida for $700 cdn then that’s actually a really good price! problem with the public is that unique folding bikes are hard to sell cause it’s either someone is looking for it or they arent. regular bikes come and go easily. I’ve seen a carryme owner post his bike there for like 2 months straight he had to lower it from 300 to best offer and then 200. ouch! but the strida should fare better because of the bigger wheels and it’s probably an much easier ride.

Hej Anon,

since we have no marketplace at the Stridaforum (of course you might post here, too),

maybe you go here foldingforum.com/marketplace

or perhaps there : bikeforums.net/For Sale

Good luck!

Thanks guys! That’s actually really helpful

Is the strida bike still available?

I too am selling a Strida LT. It’s available via a one-week Ebay auction as of Thursday, September 12 11:00pm EST. If you’re interested here’s the link: cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi … 0964266784

Honestly, I really hate to let it go. It’s my third Strida over 5 years-- always a really convenient way to get around town. Unfortunately I’m in a new place with so many hills that the 16" tires, single gear, and my creaky knees just can’t make it happen as a daily-rider. The bike is in very good used condition with normal wear-and-tear; consistently serviced by Mike’s Bikes in SF CA. Anyone like me who owned a first generation Strida will appreciate what a bummer it is to let this one go. Bought my first one used from a retired SF Bay deep-sea rescue/diver… It’s no good to hoard all the fun.