where to buy gear shift buttons

Hello everyone, as the title suggests, I am looking for a gear shift button seller who could ship to italy. Has anyone any option to give? as of now I only found american sellers who do not ship to my country or european sellers who have the item out of stock. Thanks for your time.

Benvenuto Italy :slight_smile:

You could order from Taiwan directly, the shipping costs are usually pretty low to Europe.
It seems recommendable to order also the C-Spanner b[/b] and the matching Allen key 1,5 mm b[/b].

Alternatively you can try if Schlumpf buttons fit, too (unfortunately I can’t confirm that).
For original Schlumpf replacement parts you need to talk to
Haberstock Mobility Germany

Wow I did not expect such a quick aswer, thank you very much for your help :smiley:! I will try with an order from Taiwan.

No problem :wink:

Paul or Hughes from bikegang will help you if there are questions, don’t hesitate to contact them :sunglasses:
(There’s a contact form below “about us” at their page.)

fortunately I was able to place an order for everything I need from the site you mentioned. Thank you very much, problem solved :sunglasses: !

That’s exactly what I like to read, thanks :laughing:

Btw - there are some interesting hints inside of chapter B-5 …just saying… :wink:

Schlumpf Workbench Manual.pdf