wheezing sound from crank hub?

I’ve had my Strida 3.2 for about a week now and am really enjoying it. I’ll post shortly in Riders Reports.

My only concern at this point is that after about three days riding I’ve started to notice a sound coming from the “crank hub” - the central cylinder to which the belt wheel and pedals are attached.

It’s not a squeak, it’s more of a dry, wheezy, not quite scratchy sound, and it only pops up when my pedalling force increases - on a slight grade, for example. I don’t believe it was there during my first day or two, and it’s becoming more pronounced each day.

I haven’t crashed or damaged the bike in any way. I’ve inspected it and don’t see anything rubbing. My only thought is that it’s a lubrication issue - it’s been dryish here and the streets are quite dusty/sandy. Anyone had experiences lubricating that portion of their Strida?

Much better! I remembered the owner’s manual and tried Step 7. I didn’t have cycling oil or a syringe, mind you, so I just gave it a few shots of WD-40 using the little red straw to direct the spray, which worked quite well.

I just went for a spin and the noise was reduced by at least 80%. I gave it a few more shots and I’ll monitor the noise over the next few days. I dunno, maybe it just came out of assembly somewhat under-lubricated.

Im getting exactly the same noise… it sounds like someone grinding their teeth when you pedal up to speed…

Will give it a spray with some WD40 and see what happens!