Wheels for heavy rider; Nylon or Alloy?

Hi Strida Folk,

I’m considering a Strida purchase. With a bag of groceries, and/or a backpack, I will be almost at the weight limit of this bike.

I have a history of being tough on rims and spokes. Which wheels would be best for me?


Both should be OK … (I am also on/over 220Lbs with a heavy bag) I like my nylon wheeled 3.2 because its ‘abuse proof’ … ie no spokes to bend or break and no discs to bend (eg on planes)… But i must admit the ‘spoked and disced’ strida5 sure does look cool !

Thanks for the advice. I am leaning toward the 3.2 for the very reasons you mentioned above.

However, it seems like the alloy wheels, with their high-pressure tires & freewheel would have less rolling resistance than the nylon’s lower-pressure/chainwheel. Would this difference be accentuated for the heavier rider?