wheels dont fit when folding

Hi all
I am turning crazy.

I own two stridas 3, one with plastic wheels and another one with metalic wheels.
The plastic one is right.
The problem is in the metalic one.

When I try to fold, the magnectic clamps dont fit one against the other. The centers dont fit. (they are missaligned about 0.5 cm) It is like the bottom tube be shorter than the front one because and the front wheel is displaced to the outside 0.5 cm.

Is there any way for regulate this bizarre missalignement?

Thank you


Sorry for my english

The center circular magnet doesnt MATCH with the center of the circular front wheel part. They are missaligned. May be one wheel axis is bent?


I’d guess that either a tube has been slightly bent (in transit), or that the top ball socket is loose or not fixed fully down. I had a bent front tube on an old Strida (dont ask :wink: … it involved drink !) I carefully bent it back, by taking off the wheel and axle and carefully clamping the end of the tube in a vice (with cardboard to protect paint). This way you can get big leverage on the tube - it is easy to bend it too much, so do it in small steps. This is easier than it sounds and you can check the axle alignment by just hand screwing back the front axle, and seeing how is aligns with the rear centre screw. I would think this could also be done at the back - with more care over the ‘golf club head’ shaped part.

Aligning tubes by bending them small amounts is standard practice on all (metal) bike frames - to re align normal distortion after welding and heat treatment.

Thank you very much for your reply.

You are right. The problem seems to come from a bent tube. I have flexed them slightly and now, the problem is solved.