Wheels difficult to clapse together in foldup position


I have the Strida without magnetic clamps to keep the front and rear wheel attached to each other and I find that when I’m rolling it along either the wheels rub together making a squeeking noise or worse still they separate from one another.

Is there a quick fix for this?
Is it easy/cheap to upgrade to magnets instead?



Hi Steve,

You have to change the whole wheelset as well as the axles and brakes in order to use the magnetic clip system on Strida 1 and Strida 2.x
[url]Strida "2" owner needs our help! on Bikeforums - #8 by Amuro_Lee]

I think you can request those parts from Strida Europe :wink:



Thanks for that advice! Have only had the bike a few days after a random Ebay purchase last week! Loving it though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only need to cycle 1.5 miles to work so it’s perfect! Been borrowing a Brompton up until now (hope that isn’t a swear word on here lol) but my quickest time has actually been on the Strida when I was lucky enough to get 6 green lights out of 7!!

I’m going to tinker around with it over the next few days to work out what works best! :slight_smile:

Nothing wrong with the Brompton, I’ve got one (as well as Stridas), and on paper it ticks all the boxes, smallest folded, great quality, choice of gears etc. But I just prefer Strida - Its something about its simplicity, single speed belt and all - it just feels lighter in every sense, more fun less serious.

I only tend to take the Brompton when it has to pack into a small rectangular space, its best feature - but then I miss the better roll-when-fold of the Strida.