Wheel size

Hello all,

I just entered the world of Strida last week. I bought a 2012 brushed aluminum Strida SX. So far i am in love with it. I had one question about wheel size though. My bike is an SX which is supposed to have 18" wheels although mine measure- actual wheel 14.5", with inflated tire 16.5". I have the schwalbe kojaks 18x1.25. These are alloy and spoked and the dealer said they are the correct wheels…how do you get an 18" wheel size out of 16.5"? I just don’t get it…

Hello Turtltim,


You’re right, rim and tire sizing is weird!

Please read more here:


Thanks! But I think I’m more confused now…hahaha.

Well…I’m sorry :blush:

Does it help to know that you have got the correct SX tyre size which has an approx. diameter of 16,5 "?

16" Strida wheels have a rim diameter of actually ~ 12,6" :unamused:

Thanks, I’m happy just that I have a Strida…this things going to be fun!

Have much fun, a safe ride…
…and please share your experience with us :mrgreen:

16" spoke wheels have 24 spokes while the 18" wheels have 36 spokes. Just another way to differentiate.