What model of Strida is this ? 3.3 ?


I have just managed to buy a second-hand Strida here in the UK and wanted to confirm which model this is ?

I think it is a 3.3 given that it has wire-spoked wheels ?

I have already swapped the saddle on the recommendation of forum members here for a Specialized Expedition Plus which I find much more comfortable.

I like the look of the plastic-spoked wheels which are supposed to be tougher - what options are there to retrofit those ? Would wheels from a Strida LT fit ?



Hello gavinp,

at Stridaforum!

According to Wikipedia/Strida/series you’re right.

Even if the LT wheels would fit, you would have another problem:
LT wheels do not have a brake drum, these wheels are made for a disc brake.
And the 3.3 frame doesn’t have a brake caliper mount…

I guess you should check (or let check) the spoke tensions of your wheels (maybe once or twice a year), if they’re OK there should be no durability problem at all.