What are these straps?

I have seen these straps on bikes, particularly in photos from Russia and far east, they connect to the three tubes, but I cannot figure out their function… carrying strap? This one was on instagram in Russia

The strap is a simple method to prevent the ball joint from snapping out of the plastic insert on top of the steering tube.
Look after your balls! - and other Strida tips

Interesting indeed, the ones I see in the photos look like an intentionally made aftermarket piece.

Can’t be that difficult to reproduce I believe…does your Mom have a sewing machine? :smiley:

My wife does, I will start mass production this weekend :wink:

Oh yeah, that’s great! May I have the license for Europe?
I can see us flooding the market and get rich and famous…

These straps actual purpose is to save a rider if lover frame tube snaps near pedals (happened a few times here in Russia) Older revisions od Strida are more likely to have this happen.
The second but not main purpose is to prevent ball joint from unlocking during riding.
The third purpose - you can use it to hang strida on your shoulder while going up or down the stairs.

I’d like to have one. They look so identical on the picture that it must be a production rather than a home-sewed thing. Does anybody know a place to get :question: