What are my options for upgrading the brakes on my MK1?


I am the new owner of a Strida MK1. It appears that the bike was barely even ridden since new. However, the first time I tried to ride it resulted in catastrophic failure of both plastic pivots. My plan it to machine some new ones that should be far more durable. I will also replace the stock handlebars and brake levers.

Anyway, in reading through some other posts, it sounds as though the drums for the brakes are not very durable. One thing I read had talked about having them zinc plated. Would it be better to just consider a wheel upgrade? The wheels/drums from the MK2 have better materials, right? Would it even be possible to find a set of those wheels (that can be purchased as a reasonable price?) Since I am already spending time on making other repairs, I thought I might be able to take care of the brakes while I’m at it. It’s a really cool bike, and I am enjoying learning about them. Thank you for any help you can provide!

Hi And welcome.
Mk1 spares are getting very rare - 20 years old. So It might be worthwhile you looking out for one in the ‘for spares or repairs’ category on ebay - ebay UK seems to have a good supply of early Stridas.
desc.shop.ebay.co.uk/i.html?_nkw … c=1&_rdc=1
Otherwise you might try to approach Strida distributors, Ming or even Mark Sanders.
Read all the info on this forum and the manuals eg strida.co.uk/english/service … ge=manuals
From What i’ve found there are close relations between Strida 1 & 2 and between 3 and 5.
So if you can find a low cost Strida3 - A good upgrade for a later model Strida3 is to add Strida1 Bottom bracket halves - which are Aluminium and a bit stiffer than the later more flexible Strida3 Plastic Bottom bracket halves.
Other than these options its probably a question of making VERY GOOD friends with a local engineering workshop, to re-make the parts out of decent alloy. :smiley:

Thank you for the tips, Tom. I believe that I read there was a brake upgrade from the MK1 to the MK2. Still, I will keep an eye out for spares. Also, I have a small machine shop in my garage, so I’m hoping that I will be able to create new parts that are far more durable. Ideally, I’d like to make parts that will allow others to replace and upgrade their broken parts (the plastic pivots on the MK1 in particular). I’ll have to make the new ones for mine and see how it goes.

As for the brakes on the MK1, are the parts that are susceptible to wear an integral part of the wheel? I have yet to take the wheel apart and look, but the bike I have looks like it sat unused for at least 19 of the last 20 years. So, I’m almost certain that it won’t illustrate the wear problems that most MK1s have had. It would be great if that were another area where the original parts could be upgraded.

I think the only difference between Mk1 & mk2 brakes is that on the Mk2 the rear pulley is Hard Nickle plated - which makes it MUCH more wear resistant - on the outer tooth side and more importantly on the inside. If you can find a local metal plater, getting Mk1 rear pulley’s nickle plated is a really good upgrade. Good luck with the machining - you will pick up many customers on here for that upgrade.