Weird sound when pedaling

Hi all

My SX has developed a strange metallic ticking sound as if something is rubbing against the rear spokes or the brake rotor. It’s definitely not the brake pads nor anything actually touches the spokes. Moreover, the sound is heard only when I’m pedaling (regardless of the load). What can it be? The freewheel is dying? Oh no…


Check snubber bearing. It could be the source of awful sounds when there is no grease in it.

Maybe you could unmount snubber and snubber bolt for a short test ride?

Thank you. Will check the snubber and report the results.


I checked the snubber bearing – indeed, when turned with a finger it would seize up with a crunching sound. I couldn’t undo the snubber bolt with an ordinary alien key without removing the wheel. So I just sprayed it with a silicon chain lubricant while turning the bearing until no more crunch is heard. The sound has gone. I think I will also add some consistent grease to the bearing. Thank you guys, you’re really helpful as usual!