Weekend out and around with my Strida LT

Finally, the weekend came and I was able to spend time with my new Strida. Being a small woman - 5’1 feet tall, the normal bike is always a challenge for me to lift and take to buses or train. I finally reward myself a Strida for my birthday.
The bike was so sweet and fit me like a glove! I can hop in and out easily, stroll it around with one hand.
I can ride it very comfortable on the sandy road, sidewalk and bike lane. The one-speed gear doesn’t bother me at all. Considered it’s an urban bike, the one-speed gear is enough to bike around town. Strida is compact so I can ride on the sidewalk without being looked at with annoyed eyes.
Here are some photos I took on my trip.

Hello Rumtea,

@ Stridaforum!

Many thanks for the nice post and your professional images :smiley:

Have a safe ride,


Great photos, can you tell us about the handlebar bag that you have in your photos?

Thank you, Bill

Thank you Bill. It is an old saddle bag I took from my vintage Raleigh bike. It was lucky that the bag fit the handle of the Strida perfectly. I’ve been shopping around for Strida bag but all of the good one is expensive so I will just wait until I can find a good deal on Ebay :slight_smile: