Vienna/Austria 50 Gigapixel Image

Dear readers,

I would like to invite you to have a fantastic look at my hometown Vienna. :smiley:

Vienna 50 Gigapixel by Photoartkalmar

404864 x 124832 pixel

The picture was created from more than 3600 images and taken at the “Donauturm” (Danube Tower).
It contains several links to other pictures of interesting points, like St. Stephan or Castle Schönbrunn.
Due to the enormous size it might take some time to load fully, please be patient.

Btw, here is a picture of the Sistine Chapel in similar photographic technique.


I love this website, and try to catch time to take a look it every week, hahahaha

Another gigapixel image from Dubai, not as good as Vienna, but still interesting :wink:

It’s also very nice! and the sky is so blue
 I love it! Thanks! :wink: