Unique opportunity to have a Strida Special Edition MAS (2 s

Hi Guys
We’re a rent bikes company located in Madrid , Spain. We bought a Strida Fleet for our services (20 units). We love Stridas, we consider them one of top 5 innovative brand in terms of folding bikes , nevertheless Stridas are not rented as well as we need, so we took the decision to sell 10 of them. Those 10 Stridas are Brand new, (original box, bill, labels, etc) we did the pilot test using rest of them.
As you know the Strida Special Edition MAS , have a 2 speed system (Schlumpf Speed Drive) , converting itself as a very particular Strida model . Consumer Price is 975€ in retailers , we are selling them in 715€ . Cost of delivery depends of country , we propose split the expense 50/50 (seller/buyer).
As Strida lovers we’ll understand all your questions , “evidence to confidence requirements”, etc. We have all info you need .
Guys, feel free to contact us: info@mobeo.es.

Hello fercomeche,

welcome and thanks for the interesting offer!