Unable to assemble


I just received a new Strida Mini. To my disappointment, the bike did not arrive fully assembled as advertised.

I’m having trouble attaching the seat and seat post. The bolts and nuts don’t seem to match. The bolts are too big for the nuts, or the nuts are too small for the bolts. It takes a lot of force to turn the bolts and nuts. Also the clamps that hold the seat post in place are too small for the bolts. In the process of trying to attach the seat post (the plastic triangle) to the frame, one of the bolts became jammed in the clamp. The bolt won’t turn. I can’t get it out of the clamp. I got the bolt and clamp detached from the seat post but not from each other. What should I do?

Hi MaskedMarvel,

I too am a new Mini owner. I brought my bike fully assembled but I did have to move the seat post closer to the back wheel as I am very short.

I understand the problems ypou are decribing.

  1. the small metal rings that hold the bolts in place may appear that they don’t fit but with gentle expansion they will slot in place. Just be careful and gentle because they are made of very soft metal.

I’m sorry I can’t help with the bolt size issue. If you could post some photos I’m sure the moderators of this forum would be able to help you.

Where did you buy your bike? There is a great shop in London who put my Mini together. They may be able to help you.

Good luck, Rapunzel.

Thanks, Rapunzel.

I was able to get the bolt loose. The I applied some WD-40 on it, and it didn’t get jammed again.

But now I have a bigger problem. The front tire is not holding air. It empties in about 15 min. I think the reason is that when I got the bike the valve stem was not completely through the hole in the wheel like it should be. I couldn’t figure out how to fix it at first. So I just filled up the tire to let my son finally try the bike. That may have been a mistake. I don’t have a lot of experience with bikes. But then again Strida shouldn’t have sent me a bike where the tire wasn’t properly installed.

I’ve written to www.brandscycle.com, asking for a new inner tube and valve. I bought this bike through their web site. If that doesn’t work, does anybody know where I can order a 12" inner tube that would fit the Strida Mini?

Without pressure the tube can move inside the tire. So you always have to check before/after putting it under pressure. The valve has to be centered and straight.

Schwalbe has two 14" tubes (Strida Mini has 14" not 12"). I suggest you dismantle the tire (using tire levers, not screwdrivers :slight_smile: ). The measures should be printed on the tube. Take the tube/tire to a local shop and ask for a replacement.


@ MaskedMarvel: Welcome to Stridaforum, I’m sorry to hear you have trouble.

Here is your tyre dimension: https://www.stridaforum.com/t/strida-mini-tires/329/1]
Any tube with the dimension 14 x 1,5" should fit your mini.
Please ask your local bikeshop, if they don’t have such tubes you may write to Strida USA:

Please post pics for specific problems!


@ Rapunzel: Fine to detect you are still here! :smiley:

No new riders reports because of ugly weather conditions, I guess? :unamused:

B. r.

I know fitting the seat for the 1st time is a PITA if you are new to the bike and have never done it before ! But compared to other folding bikes that is the LAST time you’ll ever need to move it. On other folding bikes you have to adjust the seat height every time you fold - but on Strida it is set for your height from day one.

If you share your strida with someone else who is a different height, then Ming make an adjustable seat mounting, but you still have to move the pin for large adjustments. This is a ‘work in progress’ accessory as it does not adjust all the way up and down the seat tube. Ming should ask Mark Sanders for a better solution.

FWIW The manual is here: strida.co.uk/english/images/ … 20Mini.pdf

@Tom and Blackstridaaustria: Thanks for the helpful info! I called several local bike stores and they all have 14 x 2 tubes, not 14 x 1.5. I wrote to brandscycle.com and they will send me a new inner tube free of charge.

It’s all coming back to me. I remember now why I stopped bicycling 10 years ago. The constant pumping up the tires. The constant worrying about being stranded with a flat tire 10 miles from my house or car. Now there’s this “entirely new geometry”, but the tires are still not maintenance-free.

Hi MaskedMarvel,

you are right. :confused:

Please pay attention to the correct pressure and check it (at least weekly).

However, I think times have changed some things definitely…



Have a safe ride!

@Blackstridaaustria: I have to admit, those look very cool. I will order both. Thanks!

Update: I am both lazy and technically challenged. I bought a bottle of Slime and squeezed about 3 oz into the tire. It’s been 2 hours and it seems to be keeping the air in now. Fingers crossed. I’m planning to give the same treatment for the rear tire too.

I think a good quality floor pump with a pressure guage on it is already enough. :wink:
google.com/images?hl=en&tbs= … ge&spell=1

These were meant as example how time goes by, there are a lot of these things on the market (maybe even cheaper or better).

You meant this: http://www.slime.com/product/74/Tire-Sealant.html ?
About 25 years ago, I tried something like that on the tyre of a motorbike:
After that it was impossible to get air IN or OUT of the tube! :confused: :imp:
(The glue in the sealant damaged the valve, it ended up with tearing off the valve by violence)
As said, times have changed, I hope today’s sealants work better!

Yes, perfect for home use!
The pictured items are just used for “on-road” (the CO2 cartridges are not really cheap!).
Is there a thread about recommended tools in the forum ?

@Blackstridaaustria: Yes, that’s the product I meant (Slime Tire Sealant). I only used it after finding several positive (and no negative) comments about it in this board. People say Slime both repairs and prevents tire punctures and leaks. Maybe Slime is the technical breakthrough I’ve been looking for all these years? The only downside I can think of is that Slime in the tires makes them heavier.

Update: It’s been 16 hours since I put the Slime in and the tire is still full. I’m not entirely sure there was a leak in the inner tube. I wonder if the valve core had just gotten loose from the valve being twisted initially. When you put in Slime, you have to remove the valve core first and then re-insert it using a tool that comes with the bottle.

I have never heard of Slime sealant before, thanks for posting!
Please submit further experiences.

Sounds clever to me…

Just for the record, I tried the Air Chuck CO2 inflator. I couldn’t get it to work with the Schrader valves of my Strida Mini. It’s supposed to work automatically by pressing the device on the valve. But no CO2 was going in the tire, no matter how hard I pressed. It does blow CO2 out when I press on the adapter and the adaptor is not connected to a valve.

Other than that it doesn’t work, it does look cool, and it is smaller than the smallest mini hand pumps. It’s slightly heavier though.

Hello MaskedMarvel,

I guess your valve looks like this:

and not like that:

It might be possible that the valve, together with the rubber valve housing, is pushed into the rim. Did you try to fix that rubber tube with your other hand while using the CO2 inflator, to prevent the valve from slipping into the wheel?

12" tubes are available at many bicycle shops, just call ahead to be sure they have them in stock.

FWIW, I always order my Strida tubes and tires via eBay.

No, I didn’t try that. I already returned the item and got a refund.