UK parts for Strida 5.2?

Hello all.

I’ve just bought a Strida 5.2, and am very happy with it - did trips of 20 miles, 12 miles and 8 miles last week. My wife, not to be outdone, has also bought one in nice bright orange.

I’m already thinking about maintenance, replacement parts, etc, so can anyone advise me of the best place in the UK to get tyres, spokes, etc? Thanks.

By the way, are we the most northerly owners in the UK? We live just outside Inverness in the Highlands. Although we’re on the East coast, there are lots of hills, but so far I’ve only had to get off and push once. This bike looks like it can be used almost everywhere.


If you are not the most northerly owner in the UK, Colin, I expect your wife is, depending on where each of you is. :slight_smile: Glad you are enjoying your bike so much. I expect that the nearest Strida outlet to you is the Ethical Superstore in Gateshead near Newcastle upon Tyne where I live, but they order the parts directly from the Nederlands when you want them. I have dealt with a chap at Dene’s Garage in Kent and so has someone else I know. He keeps stocks and charges postage at cost (which Strida NL do not. They offered to send me a part with a £15 postage charge whereas Dene’s Garage sent it to me of £4). They are also fast and helpful. You can find the UK distributors including the one I have mentioned on this page:

Thanks EvilV. Ethical Superstore is where I bought the bike, but I hadn’t realised they sold parts too.


They just order them in when you ask. Dene’s Garage has at least common parts in stock. I needed a tyre and received it two days later. Another guy wanted a rear wheel and he got it in a couple of days and only had to pay £5 postage on top of the wheel cost. He has a fair bit of stuff you would need right on hand. Hopefully, you won’t be needing much.

Dene is happy to give advice too, but the ethical superstore people are not bike folks at all. They sell all kinds of scented candles and weirdy stuff. I think they added the strida line because they think it is green to sell bikes. I don’t think they even hold bikes in stock but just order them and send your address to Strida NL.

Take a look at what they are selling - not many spares here


As Evel says, I can vouch for Deans as well. Very helpful and friendly. Post at less than cost actually, they ended up 50p out of pocket on the deal!