Two-legged kickstand solution

I have a Velo-Orange Copenhagen two-legged kickstand (also available under a number of different names and purveyors) that I’d like to use with my Evo to keep it from tipping over when I’m loading it up with my panniers. The problem is that it’s designed to take a bolt from the top instead of up from the bottom like the Strida kickstand does.

Has anyone tried to use a kickstand like this on a Strida, or have suggestions for other double kickstands that might be more amenable to bolting on?

That’s an interesting question…perhaps it is possible to modify this kickstand (?).
This is what you meant, correct?

Yes, or if some sort of threaded rod might work without cutting into the stand itself to expose the threaded bolt hole form the underside.

Alternatively, I tried a kickstand of this sort: … B007Y5EN1Q, which can be bolted on from underneath, but the fancy little flares knock against the tabs on the beltwheel when it turns. I might have to swap for one of those and see about grinding down that pokey bit instead!

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I also found this similar critter by Soma that does have a pass-through bolt. I may go this route instead in order to avoid unnecessary metal-grinding of any sort. … -kickstand

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Yes, I think too that the Soma is the better choice.
Possibly, if the thread can be reached from the underside with drillbits, an Allen bolt could be used.
I’d love to try that myself but so far I couldn’t find any source in Europe…you’re at the USA, correct?