Tube for Strida 16 inch

Can anybody suggest a good 16 tube for Strida?

Sure Rumtea :smiley:

Principially you could use every tube in matching size, that means 16" x 1,5 or ETRTO 40-305,
I’d recommend you google for “Schwalbe” tubes, perhaps you’re able to find them locally.
The correct type of your desired tube is Schwalbe AV2 or Schwalbe Art. No. 10407310

You may check with the Schwalbe tube finder and here are original tubes:
Strida Canada/16" tube

Thank you very much! I’ll look them up :slight_smile:

Will the 16" x 1.75-2.125" work? Thanks :slight_smile:

You may try to use that tube size in case of emergency, but I’d not recommend it for steady use at 16" x 1,5 tyres

Or did you actually mean to want wider tyres?

I looked up some 16 inch tube available on amazon and all of them has 16"x1.75.
I just want to make sure they are not the right one :slight_smile:

At amazon search even with correct number no hits?
And local google search?

Schwalbe AV2
Schwalbe 10407310

Maybe you were confused because this tube is also matching to 14" tyres?