Traveling with a Strida and a Burley Travoy Trailer

I have just written this post that details my recent flight and travel experience with my Strida and a Burley Travoy trailer. I really enjoyed the adventure and hope to do it again. If you have any questions please ask.

Cheers, Bill

Nice write up.

I loved watching the YouTubes you got setup. Shows the speed of the Strida EVO with road traffic AND whilst hauling your Travoy Trialer — AWESOME!

Just a bit on the comment you wrote " I may also experiment with these removable pedals. They are lighter than the folding pedals, quick and easy to remove but I may miss the ability to fold the pedals."

I used removable pedals as I don’t like the folding ones. Also I like how they offer more security in that whilst one of the Strida features is I don’t need to lock it up – I do roll it into cafes, my office, etc… but I don’t always keep a sharp eye. In some cases I walk off to the “gents room” and walk back out and it’s unsecured! I detach the pedals and pop them into my bag… no one can get too far with a bike with no pedals. :smiley:

I am using these MKS detachable pedals and absolutly love and recommend them. Link:

The only downsize if - there has been times I rolled the bike out, don the helmet, and all - and realized I left the (detachable pedals) inside the apartment. :smiley:

PS: That youtube and Burley Travoy is awesome and makes me want to go on a long trek and camping! I really could haul all my stuff…

Thank you Willie for the kind words. With my last trip using my custom Strida bag and Travoy I decided to remove the folding pedals as I packed the bag before catching the plane. I didn’t want to risk the folding pedals being damaged in the bag when being handled. It was a last minute decision and I didn’t think of using removable pedals which would have been a better idea for the reasons that you mention. I learned and tried several other ideas on the last trip and I plan on blogging about them, just need to find the time.


Happened to see this on YoutTube showng a Burley Travoy Trailor – many others on there too.