To The North Sea

Posted a report and some images of the latest tour on my blog. :slight_smile:

570 km in 5 days this time.

great blog, You seem to be the only guy that tours around europe with a strida. Do people give you funny looks when they see you going across the country with that? :slight_smile:

Very impressive tour - many thanks for sharing :smiley:

I am not the only one. Here is Régis FENDER from France. His rides make mine look like short day trips. :slight_smile:

Yes, people tend to look amused but it is always friendly, never arrogant. (Well, exceptions exists.) Mostly they think that I ride only a short distance (maybe 30km). They are a little shocked if I tell them the real distance.

Hello Tom, out of curiosity, which Strida did you use to ride 100km/day, and would you recommend the same model today or some higher-end Strida instead?

I’m thinking either of the Strida EVO3 18" wheels, or some fast Dahon/Tern if Strida turns out to be a bit extreme for that kind of use.

Thank you.

i love the sunset very much!!! so beautiful…
thanks for sharing!!