Tires, what's the best available in 16"

I’m a new strida owner, just purchased a used one yesterday. Although the tires are still in good shape, I was wondering what type some of the other members recommend and what type to stay away from.

Re: Torn rear hub
Here’s an (incomplete) list of 16" tires, please note that sizes above 1,75" width may cause mounting trouble (rims don’t really match to wide tires).

I’ve changed my tires/wheels very often in the past - so I can’t report any experience regarding durability.

There is also an interesting post at the Honk Kong forum by K-Life.
He supplied pictures in periodical intervals (I believe usually 150, 500, 100, 1500 and 2000km) which are showing the tread area of the following tires:
GUMONDER G701 16" x 1.5 100psi
KENDA KWEST 16 "x1.5 65psi
INNOVA ECLIPSE 16"x1.5 85psi
If you’re interested in these I might ask him for permission to move the pics to here, just let me know.

If you’re using the forum search (recommendable) please try also “tyre” :wink:

Thanks for the information, I will view those tires online, also I will try searching tyres .
Thanks again…jimmy