Tires for Strida LT 16"

Hi everyone,

I’ve been searching around for tires that could fit my STRIDA LT (pastic wheels). As far as I know the size should be 40-305, which doesn’t give a lot of choices but here is what I’ve found:
ETROT 40-305
16x1,5 Strida (obviously)
16x1,5 Kenda K193 Kwest
16x1,5 Schwalbe Marathon Racer HS429 (problems may occur)
16x1,6 Btwin Discover (from Decathlon store)

I’ve also found similar sizes that maybe can be fitted on the wheels:
ETROT 44-305
16x1,75 Michelin Country’J

ETROT 47-305
16x1,75 Continental Double Fighter III
16x1,75 Continental Tour Ride Tyre with Reflex
16x1,75 Schwalbe Marathon Original HS420
16x1,75 Schwalbe Road Cruiser HS484
16x1,9 Schwalbe Black Jack HS407

Recently I also saw a STRIDA user with DELI TIRES fitted that looked nice (ETROT 47-305, 16x1,75, S-186 model).

Has anyone tried any of these tires that could tell me if they fit well on the plastic rims?

Thank you

Nobody uses original 16" plastic wheels so that can provide informations? :open_mouth: :laughing:

Hi Pedro, I have tried unsuccessfully to the 16x1,5 Schwalbe Marathon Racer HS429 on the Strida Lt 16 inch wheels.


Unsuccessfully? But why if they are 40-305?

Bill experienced with that tyres the effect that the bead partially did not jump into the right position of the rim while mounting. Even with high pressure and soap water it is impossible to mount a mismatching tyre/rim pairing correctly.

Honestly I did not know that this effect applies also to the mentioned Schwalbe 40 - 305.

The effect can be explained by tolerances of tyre and rim.
Also are all borders of well-known “tyre to rim match” charts definitely not a must - the borders are floating.
The majority of riders will never notice something like this odd effect - simply because they are riding much bigger wheels (above 20"). But at least I am sure the effect becomes much more important the smaller the wheels are - I’ve noticed that mainly with 305 and 349 rim sizes.

One could say also:

  • There is a reason for the cheapness of 16" LT plastc wheels; they are made to accept only the manufacturer’s tyres.
  • Metal spoked 16" wheels wheel make less trouble - but the above mentioned effect MAY occur again with really fat tyres.

Thank you BlackStridaAustria for explaining this situation so well. Yes the Strida 16 inch plastic wheels can provide a challenge when mounting tires other than the Strida 16 inch tire.

Cheers, Bill

First of all thank you Bill and Chris.

It’s difficult for me to understand that. If they have the same ETROT size how is it possible… :unamused:

So, if metal spoke 16" wheels will make less trouble, where should I look for those wheels to avoid identical problem? If I buy the ones Strida sells, maybe I will get similar problem of limited choice of tires.
And then another doubt comes… 16" or 18" wheels?
16" wheels will allow me to do some uphills as I do now but, in the other hand, 18" wheels will allow me to go faster on flat or downhills… :confused:

Do you have any preference? And why?

Thank you again

Well, let me try that different:

Imagine that someone would sell you instead of a whole litre milk just 970 millitres.
As long as you use also the bottles of that company only (which are in fact just a tiny bit smaller than others) - will you ever notice?
As long as you do not use a bottle from a different company you will not, I guess.
But on both bottles it says clearly “One litre of…”

Yes, I wrote MAY with really fat tyres - that means the exotic ones like Hookworm and Hutchinson.

Oh btw - better forget the attempt of Schwalbe Ballon since it is obviously not any longer available :confused:

Preference - yes; I still love the silent and effortless ride on high-pressure tyres like Schwalbe Kojak at 8 bar!
Logically - riding these will require perfect clean and flat bikepaths, on sand you’re in big danger and cobblestones means spitting teeth. In rain I’d prefer taking a cab with these.

But I like also the Hutchinson, right now at my EVO - a very comfortable, stable ride.
Just - that one is, due to aluminium beltwheel, heavier wheels and a moustache bar heavy like lead.

Best for allround at the moment seems the efneo Strida, it has Schwalbe Marathon 35 - 349 tyres on custom wheels. It should not be hidden that the third gear ratio of the efneo is in fact harder to pedal compared to the EVO KS3 drive. That means that trained riders could be faster (just not me :blush: )

However - shortened, the whole thing still remains like this:
16" LT wheels - very limited tyre choice, preferably for smaller/lighter persons
16" metal wheels - limited tyre choice, better wheel quality but not explictly for athletes or very heavy persons
18" 355 size wheels - very limited tyre choice, best wheel quality, 50% more spokes and wider hub flanges compared to 16" wheels

Custom 16" wheels - tyre choice also limited (wide rim doesn’t accept narrow tyres)
Custom 18" 349 wheels - choice still limited (this time by frame clearance - somewhere around 37 or 40 width will the tyres start to touch the frame tubes)

Hi, just took a minute and made a quick inside measurement of the Strida 16 inch rims. The plastic rims are 20 mm, the metal 21 mm, this not an accurate measurement but it appears that the plastic rims are a little narrower.