Tired on 18"

Innova are sold at a extremely high price (3x market price maybe) on Strida sites + they are very prone to puncture, a very pale copy of Schwalbe marathon.

Has anyone recently tried some alternative tires on 18" wheels? Schwalbe seems to have a further reduced offer with only the kojak that seem to fit. Tannus airless maybe?

I would welcome advice very much.


Hello Philippe,

unfortunately, due to the odd tyre size 355 mm, the choice is extremely limited since many years.

The (basic) options are limited too → switching to 16" wheel size / ETRTO 305 mm.

The advanced option are custom wheels with 349 mm (Brompton) rim size, that will multiply the tyre choice :wink:

Tannus are not that easy to mount (and hard to get rid off), just saying…

Last option - you choosed already - ask weirdos at forums :laughing:




The 16" ?-305 Strida are 24 spoke wheels, the Brompton 16" ?-349 are 28 spoke wheels and the 18" Strida ?-355 are 36 spoke wheels.
It can be done using a Strida 18" hub and leaving out 8 spokes, 4 per side.
This leads to 7 groups of 4 spokes where each group of spokes has 2 different spoke lengths.

Hello KWie,

welcome at Stridaforum :smiley:

349 mm rims are available also with 36 spoke holes, matching to 18" Strida hubs :wink:
Ginkgo Veloteile

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Looks great.
I found the scorchers by greenspeed today.
However i have mounted 44-355 to my strida and ordered a pair of 40-355.
The 44-355 barely fit into the frame as a front wheel and collide with the production fenders as a rear wheel.
6 mm in diameter could make a significant difference. Do the 40-349 scorchers fit under the fenders?

Regards: Klaus

Hallo Klaus,

I’ve never tried, but I don’t think so.
Moreover that, the fenders are narrower than the tyres, guess that would not work very well.

Also, I have to confess that Scorchers and the Jetset rims are a critical combination.
It is very hard to mount the Scorchers on these rims, and it is even harder to get them off again.
(Using now Schwalbe Marathon 35 - 349.)

Best wishes,


I wouldn’t mind that much of an issue. It needs quite some lateral wind speed to make water come off the wheels off center. Most of the times the water comes off center plus or minus a millimeter or two. Should lateral wind be that strong as to make it come off off center more significantly, it’s likely to blow the water away sideways before it hits You.
However, it’s good to remain openminded with rims and wheel sizes as e.g. Schwalbe once had a 50-349 Big Apple where You only find 50-305 (16" Strida) and 50-355 (18" Strida) as of today.
I ordered 40-355 so this signals that even a 44-355 on the Strida is not a “consumer’s choice” but requires modifications.
More to it, fenders are one of the major issues if You are to modify Your wheels and still stay clean in a rain. The Brompton users chime in to the same lament, when they discuss compatibility of the 40-349 scorcher and their Brompton’s fenders.

regards: Klaus

Now, as you mention that…you’re right of course.

If I ride, I do that for fun only, there’s no need to commute…so I avoid rain at any costs.
I mean also that Strida is not made for rain,
especially the freewheel can’t stand the combination of street dust and rain, it wears out much faster.
But to get back on topic; at the Van’s experiment I’ve noticed that it’s definitely no problem to “dish” the rear wheel a few mm’s to the left side,
thus creating more space for extra fat tyres.

The 44-355 need this already as there is not enough clearance between tire and frame. You can loosen the spokes on the frame side and tighten the spokes on the free side accordingly to get it going.
I might do just that. Why not? I‘ve seen bicycles with an offset between front- and back wheel as much as 5 cm and the rider not even noticing it.
2 or 3 mm should do with 44-355.
But as of now, I’m waiting for 40-355 and TPU tubes. I wonder whether the TPU tubes compensate for the loss of 4 mm with regard to the rolling efficiency. I didn‘t find any TPU tube for 44-355 and not even for 40-355.
What I found so far is 28 x 1 3/8 (that is 35-349). They should work in 40-355.
I am not going to go to extremes and offset the wheels by centimetres for Big Apples (50-355).

regards: Klaus

Thanks, good to know that I’m not the only one who tried that “dish” thing on the Strida :nerd_face:
Having zero experience with TPU tubes I’m curious what you figure out.