Tire (tyre) pressure for a Strida LT?

What is the recommended tire pressure for a Strida LT? The manual that comes with is for the Strida 5 and depicts that model throughout. The LT has plastic 5-spoke wheels, albeit with aluminum rims. So is 40-65 psi (the figures in the manual) the way to go, or do the differences between the LT and 5 suggest something different?

Any and all advice much appreciated.

The LT wheels have metal rims, so there are no issues of over pressured tires pushing over plastic rims (as on Strida3 - which doesn’t like pressures over 70psi).

I tend to stick to 65psi for best balance of easy peddle and comfort. Maybe upto 75psi for going faster. The 18" kojaks take over 100psi … super speedy, but less comfort.

I suggest that you’d better follow the markings on the tyres’ sidewalls. :wink:

Wait. :confused: There are things written on the sidewall? :bulb:

Many thanks for your and for Human_Amp’s suggestions. (We now resume regularly scheduled programming.)

My suggestion is to keep the tire pressure on the highest pressure marked to save energy.
Check the pressure at least weekly (in the beginning), many tubes loose their air very fast!