Tips for a noodle-armed rider trying to unfold a Strida?

Hi all! I recently received a new Strida SX and have been trying to practice folding/unfolding the bike, and I’ve run into an issue. I’m a weak sauce and can’t seem to separate the magnets that hold the wheels together without laying the bike down and manually wrenching the wheels apart. It’s not elegant or as smooth as I’ve seen everyone else unfold their Stridas in videos. I wanted to know… is there some trick to it that I haven’t caught onto, like a slight twisting motion or tapping the bike down to disengage the magnets? Or do I just need to build up the strength to do it?

Hi Gaby,
:laughing: please don’t worry, it is just a trick!

Please check out Odd cyclists video, be very attentive around the time stamp 0:18.
It is just a quick and short push (or pull) either on the right or the left end of the steering bars.
Principially you push the tyres against each other and that helps to open the magnet.

One hint more; there is a tiny hex worm screw inside the magnet’s counterpart.
If you turn this screw a litle bit it creates a gap between magnet and the counterpart.
This way you can “adjust” the magnet’s force, the matching Allen key should be a part of the Strida board tools which were usually delivered with your bike :wink:

It’s as easy as riding a bike - once you managed to balance :smiley:

Hi Gaby, this video may help, … RMF75HFC3Y

and yes, adjusting the magnet keep adjustment is important.


Where’s the like button when I need it? :heart: Very good video, Bill!

Thank you, Chris and Bill! You guys rock! :mrgreen:

Update: It worked!I slightly tightened the hex screw on the magnet receiver so it wiggles less, and slightly loosened the screw on the magnet so as to create some space, and I was able to open it by
twisting a bit on the handlebar during this morning’s commute.

Ok. I have a similar situation. I have my Strida MAS since 2014. I always struggled opening it. I had to put my hand in-between the 2 wheels which is, well, not great. Touching each time the tires. But it seems that is the only I have more power to defeat the strength of the magnet :slight_smile:

But in the last couple of months, sometimes it happens that I struggle quite a lot to separate the the magnet from the metal holder. I don’t know what changed. I don’t believe it’s me :slight_smile:)

I found this post and the answers and I tried playing with the screws. The magnet was really tight and not moving at all. The metal part on the other side was very loose, but the bolt holding it was tight as well.

Based on the answers I tried to loosen the magnet a bit and tighten the metal part. The metal part cannot be more tight. It’s designed to be loose no matter how much I tighten the bold. And if I loosen the magnet, it gets worse. It sticks better to the metal part, I believe.

Any other ideas?

Thank you so much!

That thingy above is the counterpart of the magnet, you can see the small set screw with Allen key size 1,5 mm.
It is not feasible to adjust the magnet’s strength (itself), but you can increase/decrease the locking force via this small screw.
You simply adjust this screw’s protruding part to create a small gap.
The wider the gap, the lower the force.

Just caution; the screw has to be secured with thread locking compound of middle strength (Loctite 243 for example). During this adhesives curing time the connection must be closed (=under tension).

In my defense, it was dark in the room :wink:))

Thank you so much!! I will unscrew that asap.