Three Freewheels comparison.

Three Freewheels comparison: Aluminium, Plastic and NEW “metalloplastik”.
See video:

  1. Sound.
  2. Forward rotation (good old plastic freewheel rotates easily and quietly).
  3. Reverse (NEW one quickly stop rotation).

NEW freewheel inside (here without extra grease :slight_smile:)

Hello mstrida,

welcome to Stridaforum and many thanks for this interesting post :smiley:

Surely you expected already the logical question:
Where did you find those “metalloplastik” freewheels?

Greets to Russia!

Hello, Blackstridaaustria

Very simply ))
Ming Cycle sent it to local distributor as sample, then local distributor sent it to me for testing.


Aaaaha…many thanks for telling :smiley:

What surprised you? ))

Well, first that Ming supplied something for testing
(in the past I had more the impression of a “take it or leave it” philosophy)
and second that the new wheel is made of…hmmm…yes…“Metalloplastik”.
I thought the Aluminium freewheel was a step forward, compared to the old plastic one.
You will also have noticed that the durability of the Alu wheels wasn’t that good (at least partially), the more I’m wondering that they use again some kind of plastic.
Even if the freewheel mechanism quality seems better…

Hello I just purchased a NEW freewheel to replace my old standard aluminum.
Is there any difference in dimensions or maintenance?

Sorry, no idea…but could you please tell me where these freewheels can be ordered :question:

I ordered mine from Strida Dennmark

I guess you can order it also order them from the Netherlands

Thank you very much :smiley: