Thoughts on Strida Wheel Sizes

Hi Strida Fan’s, I have posted this info on Strida Wheel sizes on my website as part of my Strida Explained series. I would be interested to know other Strida Fan’s thoughts.

Cheers, Bill

Of course it is - just like any other brand which is using these wheel sizes.
Naturally very confusing and without logic for the average user,
I believe even really experienced personnel may fail here - the ETRTO standardization can be misleading, more below.

To be honest - I’d prefer to have 16 inch tyres and 349er rims.
Ah what?

Yes, because you get much more tyre choice, spike tyres are available in 349!

Check yourself at Schwalbe how many sizes and types would fit for;

32-355 (Kojak)
35-355 (Marathon) discontinued
1 hit

30-349 (Spike)
32-349 (Kojak)
35-349 (Marathon, Marathon Plus)
4 hits

Guess the ratio 355:349 of other companies will be similar…

But back to the ETRTO standardization; according to this are shown below

  • two standard Strida 16 inch 305er wheels

  • one standard Strida 18 inch 355er wheel

  • and a 16" (sixteen!) inch 349 wheel - which is actually 6 mm smaller than above mentioned 18 inch wheel!

3 mm are one inch…

…if that’s not confusing…