Thinking about buying a second hand Strida...

Hello folks from the forum, my name is Xer, I’m spanish.
I have some experience in folding bikes (brompton, dahon) and a second hand Strida got into my eyes.

I just registered on the forum to ask for your advice, experienced people.
Can you give some info about this model/asking prize, is it ok for a 1’85 - 78 kg person?
What things should I consider if I face it in person?

Thanks a lot folks!

Hi Xer,

welcome at Stridaforum :slight_smile:

From the pic - definitely a LT version, a few years old.
Here are images of the actual version to compare:
Yours looks like mint condition - in that case I would think the price is Ok.

(Copied the following from another thread because it matches very good.)

Are there any more (higher resolution) pics available?

Kind regards,


Hi Chris, thanks for your kind answer.

I send here the link to the local ad with the bike so if you could take a look I will really appreciate it since my general bike knowledge does not apply to this great and unique bike.

They say it’s a LT model but they don’t say the year, also they say in the ad it’s barely used (but you can’t never really tell, not all the people is honest).

ps - I found another strida in the same city with almost the same price, do you think it’s better, maybe newer model?

Thanks again,


Hi Xer,

I’m so sorry, but all the pics are simply too small to enlarge them and recognize details.

All I can tell without doubt is that the second bike you posted must be newer (it has already the EU compliant, reinforced frame).
Just - that is, at least for my meaning, not really an argument for a higher price - it will be interesting for very heavy persons only.
The older frame is for sure not “bad” - the EU compliance just a prostration for my taste…

I could not tell which one is better without getting them in hands.

Thanks Chris

I think maybe the newest one could be in better shape, I’ll try to lower it to 300€ and see if the bike is ok. Is there anything I should check with more detail if things go well?

One more question, is possible if I’m really liking the bike in the future and want to invest more money in it to upgrade to the 3 speed BB or it’s the end of the road in that direction?

First I’d download the manual; at the pages “center” (following page 11) you can find the exploded drawing of the Strida 5.

  • Check if there are any cracks visible at the lugs of the frame around the bolts part nr. 274, next to the locking latch nr. 216.

  • Check also if both bearings 100-03 and 100-04 are intact.
    (They do not need to spin perfectly - much more important is their completeness.)

  • Take a closer look at the “ears” of the frame, next to the handlebar release buttons ( 215-14-2) - there should be no sign of wear.

  • Close the steering clamp lever 215-06 completely and check if the steering bars wiggle.
    (Wiggling bars wear out the clamp if not tightened in time.)

  • Look very close on the top of the freewheels (340-05) teeth:
    If you can see a small rectangle on top of each tooth will it be a new one.
    No rectangle, instead of just a round edge means wear.
    How “free” should the freewheel be?

  • Abnormal play of the bottom tube can be checked very easy like shown here:
    Pay attention to the belt tension - it changes dramatically while straining/relieving the left pedal! (On this bike was the lower bottom tube bearing 100-04 defective.)

If you ride one or the other;
you may find it unstable…
That’s, for my meaning, just partially “because it’s a Strida”,
please note that the LT plastic wheels are one of the in sum just two(!) reasons which make the LT series cheaper, compared to all other Strida bikes.
You may want to upgrade later also to sturdier, metal spoked wheels I believe.

Pardon me, but I’m not sure to have understood your last sentence completely. :blush:
You mean the efneo three speed I guess?

Hello Chris

Thanks a lot for your detailed reply. Really, it means a lot.

In case I finally make it to buy one of them I will carry your email and the “explosion diagram” printed so I will not miss a thing. First I have to contact the ownsers and see how I feel their vibe, in Spain at least sometimes people try to sell defective goods without beeing too honest about it.

My experience with the transmission system the Strida has is non existant, never used a belt-drive bike (but everyone says it’s great, very lasting and almost noise free). Also I see that you point some pieces of “pivot” area, so I will really pay attention to that parts.

Let me clarify my other question, my english is far from good (sometimes even my spanish is not too good too). I was meaning if there is the possibility to upgrade the bottom bracket to have 3 gears in case I find myself really using the Strida. I don’t know if this could be upgraded or you are married forever with the one speed. Unfortunately Madrid is not plain at all, and I’m afraid some streets will be quite hard to climb with just one speed.

Just for curiosity I have another folding bike that also has a “pivot point” a Dahon Classic V.



Hello Xermán,

sadly it is NOT possible to upgrade the single speed series to the EVO (Sturmey Archer KS3) drive.
This is simply caused by the size of the bottom bracket; that of the EVO is much bigger.

But it is still possible to retrofit the ATS dual speed drive on all single speed brackets