Things to check on a second-hand EVO 18"?


I have the oppourtunity to buy a second-hand EVO with 18" wheels from 2016 which is supposed to be in very good shape.

What things should I pay attention to when test-riding it?

Thank you.

Hi, One of the first things I would check is the operation of the rear hinge joint, this is the joining between the bottom tube and the seat tube. If this has not been operating correctly then there could be hidden wear on the seat tube. This post will explain in detail, … explained/

I would also check that the handlebars fold easily and that when they are in the locked riding position that they are not loose. When riding and shifting the gearbox should shift smoothly and not slip when in gear under pressure. Spin the wheels and check if they are true and if the brake disks are not bent. Check the bottom steer bearing is free and the snubber bearing is turning.
This post may help,

Cheers, Bill

Hi Winfried,

unfortunately you can’t check that much with the EVO drive itself except if it works without problem - or not. Don’t be surprised about some play in the drive train directly after the shifting process, that is normal on the KS3. You might also try to switch two gears by pedaling backwards ~ 240 degree, that should work also fine.

During riding - and especially while putting some pressure on the pedals, for example uphill - you may hear crackling noises from the rear area; that is in most cases an issue of the rear joint.

I think if you’re not used to ride Strida you will be most likely unable to verify if the certain Strida you choosed right at that moment is in fact a stable one or not.
Also I’d recommend for a test ride that you should not pay attention to the technics - more important seems that you feel well, do you enjoy the riding position, touch your knees the steering (if you’re a longer one), things like that.

You are a small wheel rider already - is that correct?
If you feel the EVO much more wiggly than you expected you can check the bottom tube rotation this way:
On this bike were rear hinge and lower bottom tube bearing damaged.
The bottom tube starts rotating around its own axis - one can see that clearly on the tension of the belt.

Thanks much for the infos.

Having never owned a Strida, it’s a bit abstract, but I’ll try to go through the list while checking the bike.