The world's first super-light electric bike
Weight: 10.8 kg (23 lbs)
Frame: Carbon fibre composite
Price: £2,255 Pounds (excluding shipping, duty and tax) (€2,635 Euros, $3425 US)
Drive: Electric Brushless DC motor
Brakes: Electric anti-skid, regenerative
Battery: LiFePO4 - 40 min re-charge
Speed: 25 km/hr
Power: 1 kW
Range: 10 km (6.2 miles)
Fold size: Compact 43 litres
Fold time: Under 20 seconds
User height limits: 163 cm - 193 cm
Wheels: 20" front and 8" back
Weight limit: 100 kg
Lights: Hi-vis built in LED

More accurately, the Yike is the world’s lightest electric scooter because the Yike cannot be pedaled. Thus, when the battery runs out, it’s time to walk.


Yes Larry, you’re right. :slight_smile:

So the world’s smallest and lightest electric folding bicycle is this one :wink:

or will be this one :unamused:

…just found at:


$3,595  :open_mouth:


I’m amazed to see how people are excited about electric bikes. Here in Geneva, despite the price of these, and the weight, I can see a lot of electric bikes in the streets.

Personnally this puzzles me a bit: can’t people just use their own power to push the bike instead of relying on lead-acid batteries ? C’mon, why is this so difficult to pedal ?

@Googled: +1

illegal for use in a public place in britain then.
too much power and no pedals.


US$3,795 vs. US$1,995

10.4kg vs. 14kg

Carbon Fibre vs. Aluminium & Composites