The Touxy bag

Am I wrong to think that the Touxy bag is relatively unknown in Europe?

All pics above with kind permission of - thank you!

It was no problem to charge the bag with the following items:

  • 7" tablet
  • cell phone
  • digital cam
  • wallet
  • sunglasses + case
  • reading glasses + case
  • thin jacket
  • gloves
  • scarf
  • Touxy straps

There’s still room left over; filling rate maybe ~ 85 %.
(The things above will also fit in the original Strida ST-SB-001 (ST-RTB-001) - but it will be tricky; filled for ~ 100 %).
The separator is detachable, below a common 1 litre PET bottle.

The big advantage of the Touxy, compared to the SB-001, is that it can be left on the bike while “parking” folded on the carrier.