The New Year Bicycle Ride in Hong Kong

The New Year Bicycle Ride is held by League of Social Democrats on 1st of January every year in Hong Kong protesting against the coterie elections and fighting for universal suffrage for the Chief Executive and the Legislative Conucil.

Here are the photos of the procession this year:

(A Strida was here!)

Photos of the processions in the past two years:
(An A-bike was here!)


The reason for using bicycle rides for protest demonstrations:

Thanks for explanation - it is easy to take democracy for granted.

A message from somebody:

“A parody of the current political situation, the bike parade serves as a manifold metaphor: the wheels of the bikes as the cliques to be stomped upon; the neverending pseudo-election as cyclical eternality like a bike running amok on the street.
Maybe a naughty degradation of the vehicles known as bicycles, it demonstrates the principled LSD’s never-boring methods of protest against the forgetful Hong Kong SAR government, with a cool display of many bikes on the street!”

However, I definitely disagree with him by saying bicycles is a degradation of the vehicles. :unamused: