the new frame bag for Strida

Here you are Pitagora, the urban face of bikepacking:

I hope you like it :wink: :wink: :wink:

Well, good looking bag indeed…but unfortunately not usable for tall riders (like me), there’s no room for the upper belt once the seat molding is at the upmost position:

What about crosswind sensitivity - any experience?

At your webpage (where the https certificates are not working correctly btw) one can see a countdown meaning “102 days left” - what exactly does that tell us?

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Thanks for the prompt comments.

The hook shown in the video is one of the first prototypes, abandoned just because it is not applicable with seat at the highest height.

From the tests carried out, there is no problem with wind, except for very strong winds where the use of the bike is not recommended.

The bag remains straight and not swing thanks her magnetic stabilizers (not visible on the bag).

We are working on the web site and on the bag, in order to give you a really good product.

Video it’s just the story of how it was born and a cooming soon.

In a few days the video with full description.

Sorry for double posting, I keep it in mind.

I’m happy to update everyone on Pitagora: (scroll or flip through the cover images)

nice if you liked it :smiley: :smiley:

Hello again to everyone,
here is the link to discover the details of Pythagoras and, perhaps, support it on kickstarter.
Pay attention to the gallery to learn about the new ultra-resistant hook.
Thank you very much for your attention.

Best regards. … ikepacking

Hi everyone

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Sorry everyone and thanks again MarSal

Ciao a tutti,
chiunque sia interessato può acquistare Pitagora su Amazon.
Per i primissimi modelli la spedizione è gratuita.
Basta cercare:

MagEasier Pitagora

o cliccare il seguente link: … rDbFD1D0G5

Ciao e grazie.