The front 'click' joint snapped. Weld?

Hi everyone,

Please see the photos from the links below. The front place where the ‘click’ joint sits/goes into broke. This happened while I was riding!

Is it a welding job, or do you think it’s too unsafe given that it’s a critical part of the bike?

I’ve had this Strida 3 for 10+ years.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Yuey,

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Indeed I’ve seen some images in the past where people weld the “ears” back on the frame.
Personally, I’d not recommend to do that, even with reinforcement a questionable solution, welding aluminium properly isn’t that easy.

I guess that your bike must have also much play at the rear hinge (= the other end of the bottom tube) - that leads to an overload at the front.
So, if you would replace the front tube, you should also take care of the rear joint.
(I’m just afraid it’s impossible to source a tube for drum brakes.)

Also, both bolts 274 (holding the locking mechanism) have to be tight at all times.
(If one is loose then the other will be overloaded and rip off the “ear”.)



Thank you so much for your advice, Chris!

You raise good points, especially about having to take care of the rear joint. Grr it might be time (!) to buy a new bike.

I’ll do more investigating.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Yuey,

yes, I think it will be the best solution to get a new one :smiley:

On your place, I’d try to get in touch with Norbert (you can find him also via facebook).
Perhaps he could help you anyhow?
I’d tell them the actual situation and simply ask for a price reduction of a new model.

Good luck,