The best folding pedals?

Some months ago, I upgraded to the MKS FD-6 pedals.

The reasons being the quality and looks. However, I often get greasy when folding them, which I never did using the originals.

The FD-6s are folded by pushing a button inside the pedal, not by being pushed from outside the pedal itself like the originals.

Should I get these from

… or are there better ones that don’t make you greasy?

I like those Strida Aluminium pedals best (bottom picture) VP-F80 … .php?id=46 - they are stiffer than ANY other folding pedal due to their unique ‘butterfly’ mechanism - But they are not the lightest - the standard, all plastic pedal is lightest.

Alternative is to use a narrow non-folding pedal like the rounded VP-220, … .php?id=36 which was used on Strida2 and Strida3 models

As an alternative to folding pedals you could consider these removable ones, also from MKS. ( … 360043865/) Be careful because only pedals with EZY and Superior in the name have the newest attachment system, which is more convenient than the previous one.

I am quite happy with them on my Strida as they are very robust, unlike the folding ones which I had to replace several times.

Thanks for the input, but I’m really only interested in “the best folding pedals” and knew about the non-folders Mark recommends in the PDF, as well as the removable MKSs.

Googling around, I just found “Prolite Folding”:

Any ideas how they are compared to the aforementioned from the site? … or any other folders one should consider?

I’m curious of how the Alloy Pedal Set from Strida (the same as mounted on the SX i guess?) folds and unfolds. When “butterflied” like in the picture, they seem hard to unfold to me, but that’s perhaps not the case?

Are the Brompton pedals the best? They certainly seems neat (and expensive).

… but do they fit a Strida 5.2?

I really like the part!

No, that’s definitely not the case. The VP-F80 pedals have the fastest and easiest folding mechanism which I’ve ever seen. :wink:

That certainly sounds nice :slight_smile:

How about the dirt issue, do you get dirt/oil on your hands when you fold/unfold them?

No, I don’t. However, the pedals themselves get dirt/sand on the surfaces easily when I ride my bike in sandy or muddy environment. Furthermore, the aluminium surfaces become slippery in wet conditions.

That sounds good enough for me.

How do you actually fold and unfold them?

To open (fold) the pedal, stick a finger into the side opening and lift the top half of the pedal up. The bottom half, which is linked to the top half, will swing open simultaneously.

Yes. To close (unfold) the pedal, just reverse the above process. :wink:

I still don’t quite get it… :confused:

Last night, I ordered these:

I’ll let you know how it goes.

I never got the pedals (they sent them to the wrong address, and promised to resend, but never did…) so I went with the Strida ones.

I’m very pleased with those, but today I noticed that one of the Allen screws one the side were almost all the way out.

At home I could see that all four Allen screws were loose, so I added some loctite and re-fitted them all.

Just wanted to tell you before you loose one.

The left VP-F80 folding pedal on my SD broke recently. :frowning:

Therefore, I bought a pair of MKS FD-7 folding pedals to replace both of them. :wink:

I already have a pair of MKS FD-7 folding pedals in silver before I bought this pair in silver & black. However, I think the silver pair do not match with the colour scheme of the black front pulley and cranks, so they have been idle for a long time. I have tried to find a pair in full-black but I failed because the manufacture of of the full-black MKS FD-7 pedals has already stopped due to safty issue. :confused:

Here are the comparisons between a silver one and a silver & black one. :wink: