that silver "thorn" which holds the seat holder

Hi, I am wondering please if anyone would know the allen key size of that silver “thorn” which holds the seat holder on the pole from not sliding down. I have bought an older Mas and would like to put it in the lower hole, since I’d like to use the Rinsten Spring to absorb all the road shocks, but I have already broke off 2 allen keys, so I am wondering if I am using the wrong size and also what the best allen key would be? The strongest?

Also, if I had to kill it completely, where to buy it and for how much.
I have called the Velorution and they pretty much told me that they are no longer interested in Stridas and it would cost me a £110 for them to even look at it…

Another question then, where would the best service in the UK now be?


Thank you

Hi ertyui,

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Obviously you are referring to the so-called “seat-pin” or “saddle-pin”, its key size is 2 mm.
The correct Strida part number would be ST-378 and it looks like this:

The explanation is easy; the corresponding threads in the frame tube were cut before painting - I bet there is paint between that pin and the frame.
(An experienced Strida mechanic would re-cut the threads right out of the box.
Beware, that is very delicate work!)

However, as you have to get it out first I’d recommend to loosen it with a pair of pliers like these:

The thread size of the pin is common metric M5; I’d use either a machine thread drill bit
or just the third bit of a hand thread drill kit to remove the paint completely.
(Again - it is pretty tricky to find the original thread and to keep the correct 90° angle to the tube while re-cutting!)

I’m afraid there is no serious official support available right now in the UK…but I’ll get back to this question.

Kind regards,


Hi Ertyui, I agree with all that Chris has said.

The new Strida bikes that I have received from Strida have the seat pin in the lower hole. There is usually paint over spray in the threads of the upper hole that need cleaning. I do this for every bike before shipping.

I clean the threads using a seat pin and a pair of vice grips being very careful not to cross thread the pin. If you watch the other side of the hole and center the pin in the exit hole it is easier as the pins threads are about two thirds up the pin as seen in the photo. I also twist and untwist the pin as I work it into the threads. I think if you are able to get the pin out in one piece then you can still use it even if you are using a pair of vice grips to reinstall it.

Also the pins function is keep the seat mount from moving sideways as well as up and down.

Cheers, Bill

You obviously know your stuff! Thank you very much.
You guys here are AMAZING!!! It’s good to know I am not alone, Strida guy in the world anymore…
Much appreciated.

I am going to buy some top class 2mm allen key and have another go then. God knows what I was using on it before. What brand would you say makes the best such allen keys you’d say?

Thank you very much.
Much appreciated.

I was thinking, would the seat holder work without the pin? What if I just forget to put it in, and tighten the clamps down really hard?

Thanks :smiley:

All the short angled keys I have here are not branded, no stamp at all :neutral_face:

Personally I’ve made good experience with the brands
but that doesn’t mean anything :neutral_face:

Fantastic! Thank you very much!

You diffidently need the seat pin to be in place or the seat mount will move. If I am traveling I take an extra seat pin with me because rough handling of the Strida by baggage handlers can break the seat pin.


No, please don’t do that!
The pin is an essential safety part - even if Ming themselves do not know exactly why.
You can check that below:

Please?? :open_mouth: :laughing: :unamused:

Ming Cycle’s reply to ST-QRS-001/saddle bolt request

…also, you get an impression of Ming cycle’s support quality here…nowadays, 10 (ten!) years later it is still on that level…

Edit: To be honest, it is much worse…at least for me.
I’m waiting for a reply to my last request since…well…perhaps 18 months or so…

Thank you guys for all your answers! Much appreciated!

Oh, that’s another thing. For few years now, I have a sinking feeling that the Ming Cycles kinda don’t care, and that the whole Strida thing is slowly dying. That they don’t sell and there’s less and less support. Is that the case? Are we all just Dinosaurs here?

I believe the situation is a bit more complex and I’ll try to explain it like that:

Please consider first that Ming cycle were (and are) in fact just suppliers, check at their main page that they are “specializing in OEM bicycle products”:

And what does that mean?

Assumed you are a bicycle manufacturer and you want to start a new production.
Most likely you are not able to manufacture all parts in house, so you will order the required parts at your suppliers.
OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer, such companies usually do NOT have contact to the customers!
(You should smell it already…)

For some weird reasons decided Ming cycle years ago to buy a brand - but without considering consequencies, because to run a brand you need more than just the ability to manufacture parts - there has to be support AND further development, too!

A supplier simply does not need any engineering department; each thing they produce was constructed before by other companies and other engineers.
Also, there is no support team required due to zero customer contact.
That was new to Ming - and they can’t handle that until today.

Furthermore, it really seems they have some trustment issues and I’m very sorry to say that.
Obviously, they do mistrust any meaning from outside - even if it comes from the founder himself!
Recent example; for whatever reason some important torque amounts were changed at the manual, page 19.
Mark Sanders told them his concerns, especially regarding the rear hinge bolt, personally at the 10th June 2020!
I have also evidence that the mail was received, but there was no further reaction.

It is very easy to verify who is right, all you need is a metric torque chart :neutral_face:

Personally, I do not think that Strida is going to die (soon) and also there are more things to consider:

  • Strida is the figurehead of Ming - but not a single mainstay (and I guess also not main business).

  • Advertising.
    Did you ever notice any official advertising in Europe or the U.S.?
    On the other hand I’m pretty sure they do advertise in Asia.

  • Amount of bikes sold.
    Back then they were talking about 60 000 units per year; how many of them found their way to Europe?
    Guess that will be just a few percent.

  • Average rider weight.
    There is a huge difference between Asians and Europeans/Americans, I think that is the reason why the majority of customers have less problems.

Finally, regarding dinosaur…

For the bike it’s a clear yes because certain details were not developed further since 25 years.

For myself definitely no; I’m not the youngest anymore but I feel more like just growing up :laughing: