Test of Brompton, Strida and Swissbike on The Gadget Show


Same Program …
over longer distance 16Km and in city

they even praised the handling of Strida !!

Go figure !

Ouch! :blush: But once again, this shows that you either love the Strida or you hate it. There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground.

I get the feeling that they approached this review with the attitude, “how close does this bike come to a ‘normal’ bike” rather than thinking of the niche it was supposed to fill. While obviously having a lot of overlap in terms of the market they are trying to reach, I still think that Brompton and Strida are serving two quite distinct niches.

It appears Strida is loved in the USA !!

A recent post at Streetsblog mentioned that quite a few bike related products were nominated this year in the People’s Design Awards, an online competition sponsored by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Over 276 products were nominated and, as Streetsblog points out, “five were folding bicycles, and four others were related to cycling.”

In particular, Strida 5.0, which was the 8th most popular product based on online votes. The People’s Design Award website just lists the designer as “STRiDA”, but most readers of this blog are probably familiar with the name Mark Sanders. Mark is not only the designer of the Strida but he is responsible for many other very interesting bikes and consumer products. You may also remember that Mark happens to be one of the judges in the commuter bike competition.

bicycledesign.blogspot.com/2008/ … f-you.html
streetsblog.org/2008/11/07/d … nnovation/

Yes, the most famous product designed by Mark here in Hong Kong is not Strida actually.

It’s the OneTouch Series:

However, only Pat Mah is mentioned in the local press :frowning:

Pat Mah, the former executive chairman of Daka was sentenced to two years’ jail. :confused: