SX Lights

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I don’t want to hassle the shop, but I have a quick question that I should have asked at yesterday’s buying process. Does the SX come with lights as standard? I can’t tell from the pictures on their site.


Hello StriderZE,

usually should the small LED set, besides the user manual and three Allen keys,
be part of the basic accessory of a Strida nowadays, I believe…

Here are the (optional) original Strida accessory lights,

Strida ST-FLT-003 (front)

Strida ST-RLT-001 (rear)

Here is nice DIY mounting for Magicshine lights, thanks to one_half _3544 :slight_smile:

…and here a DIY dynamo version,

Dynamo lighting system on a Strida

These might be interesting, too…

Compact front & rear lights
My New Headlight

Thanks a lot for this. I had seen the Strida lights and put them on my wish list. I had also see the compact lights. The rest is very interesting. Thanks again.

No problem…gladly, you’re welcome :smiley:

Below, as promised, pics of GRAW, member of the Hong Kong Strida forum,
original post here:
(Registration and login required)

Many thanks to GRAW!

The form and size of the “bullet head” lamp are a question of flavour,
but the unusual clamp and the mounting location seems interesting:

  • The light is stored safely inside of the folded handlebars.
    (Not on the “outside” of the folded Strida, like bar-mounted lights.)
  • The light and its holder do not affect the folding procedure.
  • The clamp of the light holder does not touch/damage frame tubes in folded position.
    (Many of the available clamps are too thick…)

The light holder “Swing Grip” SG-200 is a product of Minoura, Japan.

It’s special feature is the thin stainless steel band of the clamp mechanism, very similar to the holder of the dynamo project - the Topeak Cage mount TCM01:

That is lovely, especially the light and the mirror and the colour scheme and the saddle. A lot of ands in there!

Looks very attractive, great light!

Recently announced, here’s another possibility to mount Magicshine lights on Strida - with bonus feature!

MJ-880 front light mounted on Minoura SG-200

Two plastic rods and some rubber cord inside of the aluminium tube…

…can be used to stop the wiggling of the folded handle bars.

Rods and cord inside the tube cannot get lost (providing that suitable rod size and bolt length will be choosed).

MJ-818 rear light mounted on home brewn “Magicshine-to-Strida” adapter and original Strida rear clamp.

The monstrous accu for the front light fits neatly in the Strida carrier,

much smaller the rear light accu in the loop of the original saddle bag.


Strida keyring front and rear, each ~ 15 g
=>Keyring light system 30 grams

Strida front light (~ 50) and carrier (~ 20), ~ 70 g
Strida rear light (~ 50) and carrier (~ 15), ~ 65 g
=>Original battery lights system 135 grams

(All above including batteries)

MJ-880 (~ 122) and accumulator (~ 398), 520 g

MJ-818 (~ 67) and accumulator (~ 123), 190 gr

=>Magicshine lights system 847 grams

  • Minoura light holder ~ 105 g
    (Aluminium tube shortened and black anodized,
    steel carrier black powder-coated,
    steel band covered with black heat-shrinking tube)

  • Plastic rods diameter 10 mm, ~ 40 mm long, 60 cm rubber cord 3 mm, ~ 15 g

  • Magicshine to Strida adapter ~ 17 g
    (Made of full aluminium rod, diameter 25 mm,
    ~ 25 mm long and a piece of alu profile of 2,3 mm thickness)

  • original plastic rear clamp

All images 1200 x 900

The MJ-880 front light is nice for trail rides but not recommended on open roads as there is no light beam cut-off, which might blind the upcoming traffic. I prefer the battery powered Philips SafeRide 80 which appears to be the best homologated LED front light. It is lighter (320 gr) and although its light output is lower than the Magicshine (220 lumen vs. 2000 lumen) , it is more efficient by not illuminating the trees but only the road.

The following website shows extensive front light test results: