SX First Ride

I bought my Strida SX here in Singapore last 16 November 2013 at Mighty Velo-authorized dealer of Strida.

I have not tried riding Strida before and just read forums and comments on Strida and decided to get the Strida SX -18" wheels with the default setup. 18 inch Innova Tyres.
I also have one old hybrid bicycle which I used for many years but still in perfect running condition ,so I was thinking that riding a Strida based on the forums and comments would not be a problem for me.
After buying the the said Strida SX , I tried it just below our void deck and after a minute or two here are my observations;

  1. Initial ride is twitchy but in less than 3 minutes if you’re really a riding bicycle ,it shouldn’t be a problem.
  2. Strida is very responsive -quick.
  3. Folding the Strida is not an issue to me, but opening is a bit tricky at the first instance. After trying for 4 times of folding and opening ,I managed perfect the opening of Strida.

On the 17th November (sunday) morning , I rode my Strida on the Park Connector Network (PCN) and observed and feel the ride .I managed to have the first 26kms ride from my flat to the PCN and Sembawang Park. Going to the PCN is mostly flat terrain and asphalted road .Strida is very light to pedal compared to my old Hybrid.
I went to Sembawang Park to test the uphill capability of the Strida .Using my old hybrid, I need to use my gear on th uphills, and with the Strida which is a single speed without the speed gears, maybe different . To my satisfaction, I did manage to go uphills and I found that the Strida is also capable of uphills. I have read a lot of comments in the forums, of course different riders will have different experiences and may also rely on the ‘Engine "itself, but comparing to my experience with my old hybrid bike .I feel that the Strida is much better.
I just notice one minor "sound’ coming from the wheels ,the front or rear wheel- a whining sound whenever I freewheel or pedalling.However , after some observations , I noticed the new Innova Tyre with the little rubber protruding out from the sides maybe the culprit when running.The said rubber maybe rubbing against the screw heads of the plastic fender- the gap is a bit too close to the screw heads. I cut all the little rubber with a nail cutter and again roll the wheels . The sound disappeared to my satisfaction. I will do a test run on the road and will feedback in this forum. :smiley:

Hello carllracsr,

thank you very much for your first impressions :smiley:

at Strida forum!