SX Fender Issue

I got my Strida SX a month ago and sometime ago wrote in this forum about a whining sound noted at the front wheel of my Strida.The whining sound came from the tyre edge rubbing against the top fixing screws of the fender (being too close) and during riding the tendency of the wheel is to expand and move sideways , thus rubbing at the screws. This is not noticeable when doing statically (no load) .Upon removing the said fender, the sound is gone (without fender).
Onthe 3rd week of my ride , I accidentally discovered that the rear wheel is even worst , as the screw headmarks at the side wall is already visible. During those times I didn’t noticed the rubbing or whining sound due to rubbing of the screw head.
Has this happen to your rides, especially 18" wheels? I just noticed that my SX is a bit too close to the frame even without the fender. Obviously if with fender attached to it ,the possibility of touching or rubbing at the tyre could occur.
I am attaching here photos of my Strida and the affected tyre.

Below the fender mounting bolts (p. nr. 464) there are two small, stepped brass washers (411, 412) of different length - you surely noticed them while unmounting the mudguards.
The shorter washer (411) belongs to the upper frame hole (closer to steering bar),
and the longer (412) to the lower hole (closer to front axle).
Maybe this washers were accidentally mounted vice-versa on your SX?


The spacers are installed correctly ,but the top screw head is very closed to the sidewall of the tyre. Only 2mm gap left between screw head and sidewall of tyre.
When riding, the wheel is under load and expands thus rubbing the screw head.
What I did today is to use plastic cable ties instead of top screw to hold the fender , the bottom screw and spacer is default.The gap is bigger compared to the screw.Hopefully this will work.:slight_smile:)

@ BSA,

I did my morning ride to test the effectiveness of my recent modification to the fender mounting with the use of plastic cable ties to the upper part of the fender instead of the default screw and washer.
The road is slightly wet due to the early morning rain and it suits my testing of the fender.
I am glad to note that the installation is fine.This is a practical solution to my problem of the fender. Its does not rub on to the sidewall of the tyre and the gap is sufficiently big.
It may not suit every Strida users ,but using a thinner plastic cable tie is not un-sightly .It does not affect the aesthetic of my Strida.It is also easier to remove when the time comes.
I think I will stick to this practical solution.