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Greetings from upstate NY!

I picked up a Strida SX online about a year ago. It had to get put up for the winter, but as it comes closer to riding weather my thoughts have turned to upgrades. I kept it stock and rode it that way deliberately.

Seats are completely subjective. That said, that was the one glaring thing that had to change. I wasn’t sure I was going to like a spring seat, so I didn’t want to lay out the money for a Brooks Flyer. I did score a Singleworks City Limit Classic for a decent price. I haven’t rode on it yet, but I can attest to it fitting. The description said leather, and it most certainly isn’t but that doesn’t bother me.

I rode on 18 inch Schwalbe Kojaks and I haven’t got much of an opinion of those. The lack of treads does get a comment or two. More on comments later though. I’m currently waiting on a pair of Schwalbe Marathon plus(es) to come in. The Kojaks never slipped on me or anything, but the Marathons come highly recommended and sound a bit more robust. I did catch a flat with them once from a puncture. The lack of tread does make finding the puncture SUPER easy! I never did find out what caused it. Speaking of which, if anyone can point to a decent place in the US or Canada to get 18 inch tubes that will fit it would be greatly appreciated! No local Strida dealers for me and most dealers don’t seem to carry them anymore.

I commute about a mile and a half (2.4 KM) one way to work with it and it has been awesome! It takes about the same amount of time as it takes by car once one figures in parking, etc… It is a bit twitchy when I first tried it out, but I acclimated within a minuet or two. Riding one handed is a bit dodgy, and I wouldn’t recommend doing it for longer than a second or two. This is just a general bike observation, but I can’t get over how quiet it is riding at 6 AM. Sometimes, that is much nicer than putting on the radio for noise at that hour.

This is not a bike for the meek! I definitely get comments! The one encounter that really gave me pause was when I was stopped by a random person when I didn’t even have my bike with me! I’ve become “that guy with the weird folding bike.” The two big questions seem to be where did you get it and how much. I don’t think I’ve “sold” one to anyone, but I picked it because I had very specific needs and the Strida fit every single one of them. Of particular note, it rolls quite nicely down about 50 yards of hallway that I have to share with other people, the occasional pallet jack, food cart and wheelchair. I don’t notice it taking up anymore space than I do when I walk alone. It also gets carried down a flight of about 15 steps. I never counted them, so that is a guess.

From there it is all wishlist stuff that isn’t mandatory at all. I’ll want a light eventually. I wouldn’t mind an aluminum crank and different pedals. Right now, I’m as pleased as can be with what I have.

Cheers to all!

Hello eL jEfE,

at Stridaforum!

Thank you very much, what a nice report - Ming would love it, too :smiley:

Yeah, the weird folding bike; it’s not suitable for all riders, but for some it’s simply love…
Did you also notice that especially children are usually some kind of amused, grining, laughing or notifying their parents?
I guess that’s the association of the small wheeled Strida with a toy bike,
ridden by an adult in the eyes of the youngsters :laughing:

May I recommend to get in touch with Bill Wilby for all of your needs?

For my money, the interest of a dealer in his product can be measured by the quality of feedback and contact to the customers.
Therefore it is implicitly necessary (either for manufacturer or distributor) to get in touch with the end user, nowadays most likely via email and all this modern crap…like FORUMS (!)
Well, as far I’ve seen there are really, really less dealers here with us ( for Vic :smiley: ), please check yourself.

But Bill you can reach also directly here at our forum, doesn’t say that all?

Kind regards,


Just a question, you ride at 6am in NYC, and then you want a light eventually.
I suppose that at 6am it’s still dark or maybe dawn, don’t you need lights on your bike then? You should try that over here, or you get run over or you get a fine…

@ Thamar-I’m in upstate NY. About an 8 hour drive from NYC. I’ve driven there and I don’t think I have the nerve to ride a bike there. Bike couriers there are not to be trifled with! I watched a guy on a bike argue with a UPS truck!

All that said, one of the fascinating things about lurking here for over a year is learning about bikes in general and laws in different countries. Where I live, it is weird to see a bike WITH a headlight! I have street lights on my route, but around October some sections are a bit darker than I would like. Plus, we have tons of potholes to dodge. It was quite a revelation for me to see that in some places you can be fined for not having a light! Here, I get to run Stop signs in front of the Police, ride the wrong way up one way streets, etc… I always figured it was that way everywhere. Unfortunately, bikes aren’t taken quite as seriously here as they are abroad. Which is a shame, we need fewer cars and more bikes on the roads.

@ Black- Thanks for the welcome! This sight has been a treasure trove of info! I’ve held of posting because with a bit of digging, I’ve been able to find out whatever I wanted. So a big thanks to you and everyone else who posts here! I don’t always have a lot to say, but I’m always looking!

Bill’s site has been on my radar for a while. I’ll definitely be tapping him for some goodies before the year is out.

Good Day el jEfE, I have enjoyed reading your first post and as I live in a smaller area and my experiences are similar to yours, I am also know as the guy with the weird folding bike, or for me maybe the weird guy with the folding bike who creates long lines at the local Post Office when I am shipping orders.
One of the reasons I decided to sell Strida bikes was the existence of this forum and the help and support available to Strida fans from other Strida fans especially by Blackstridaaustria, who has helped me many times.
I also read every post on this forum and usually learn something new.

I do stock tubes to fit the 18 inch wheels, I am continually adding to my stock so if you need something I don’t have please ask and I will try to add it.

Enjoy your Strida SX with Spring just around the corner,

Cheers Bill Wilby

Many thanks to both of you,
I’m indeed very happy about your appreciation of the work of all our regular contributors :smiley:

And wow, great praise and trust, thanks so much again! :sunglasses:

[i]But, in fact, the whole forum couldn’t work without YOU,
the community of all Strida users here.
Most of all, we need FEEDBACK!

Therefore, please don’t follow the practice of some readers to never post anything…
…instead of just telling us your meanings/needs/concerns and sharing your knowledge or riding experience, even it’s only a “Solved!”[/i]

Sincerely yours,


I’m one of ‘those people’ who reads and reads and reads and just about never contributes and never gets too involved or opinionated, when it comes to forums.
I’d like to make an exception:
I wanted to write a Thank You Note to Bill at StridaCanada. My wife and I live in Spain and we’ve researched the subject of foldable bikes ad nauseam. We happened to be in the situation of going to western Canada, where the possibility of purchasing some Stridas was becoming a feasible venture.
Not totally sure that it would be worth the ‘hassle’, I wrote Bill a quick note to ask about details - more with the intention of ‘testing the waters’ than with the determination to buy anything.
As it turned out, his quasi-instant response to my letter, coupled with advice specific to our situation, drew me in.
Throughout the entirety of our correspondence, I found that he put my (our) needs ahead of his desire to make money at any cost. I have to say that I scarcely remember if ever there was a time (even in my youth) when ‘business’ was conducted in such a ‘customer first’ manner. It’s been an absolute pleasure dealing with Bill and Strida Canada West, and it goes without say that I most highly recommend dealing with him and with Strida Canada.
Aside from the confidence instilled in me via the written exchanges we’ve had, there was the follow-through, in the expedient way in which the bikes were shipped and in how he made sure I was kept up to date on every step of the packing and shipping.
The bikes arrived in perfect condition and I can only wish that more businesses would act in such a very professional and warm manner.

With our most sincere and deepest thanks, we wish Bill and Strida Canada West all the very well deserved success in the world.