SX and LT Frames

Is there any difference between SX and LT frame configurations? as to dimensions? geometry?

That’s easy - no!

Curious asking because of my fender issue ( screw rubbing at the sidewall of Innova Tyres).

Yes, understood…and I’m also still thinking about your issue.

One stupid question please:
The numbers at the sidewall of your Innova are 18 x 1,35 or 35-355, is that correct?


Yes, its correct! it’s 18" x1.35 -35-355 (INNOVA) , Tyre pressure 80 PSI
Anything to do with it?

Thank you, perfect…I was unsure about the Innova, because: jump

And sorry for the late reply, I’ve still not found a plausible explanation for your (strange) issue…

A wrong dishing, accidentally at both wheels, for the same amount seems unreal, guess you’ve already checked if the fender was clamped between the brass part and the frame…
If the “dishing” - or say “trueing” - of both wheels would be that wrong you should also feel a tendency of the bike to steer to either right or left by itself because the wheels would not run in line.
Does your Strida show such behaviour?

What a pity that you’re so far away, otherwise I’d suggest you to move over and we could simply swap the wheel set to another one - just to see what happens :laughing:

Happy Holiday BSA!

I really appreciate your effort to reply on my problem with my Strida’s fender and tyre issue.

I’d like you to know that I don’t feel anything wrong with the alignment of the wheels whenever I ride in any road conditions ,it feels a perfect alignment - no pulling effect to one side as the case maybe.

My observation with the 18" Innova tyre is a “bit” soft or it tends to flex to the side.Statically, I tried pressing one side of the tyre towards the fender - I can see that the tyre really flex towards the fender.I sit normal ?Is it possible that during my actual rides at corners , bumpy asphalt road or cobblestone this may really flex that much and touch the screw head and fender?Is it a fabrication error of the frame. I know that for 16" wheel this will not happen as the clearance of the fender is more with the same frame profile.

I had tried to grind the screw head to a flat head and remove the washer in between the fender (for the top screw) intending to make the gap bigger.Will observe this again if there is any rubbing of the tyre and fender.

I also keep the front wheel without fender at the moment and concentrate on the rear wheel as this has the most weight and more difficult to do.

Thank you very much, hope you had a good time, too :smiley:

Even if you would run the Innova at very low pressure could occasional deformations not reach the area of the bolts, I mean.

In an attempt to reproduce your issue I ripped off my Kojaks today and mounted fenders and Innova tyres…
Please see yourself; there’s at least ~ 2 mm clearance at the front wheel and about 5 mm at the rear.
(The front wheel is in fact not 100 % true, the above mentioned ~ 2 mm were estimated at the worst point.)

Here’s a piece of paper between tyre and fender:

Rear wheel:

Yes of course, this are not original Strida wheels, but they are built as close as possible to the dimensions of genuine ones, surely within a range of just a few millimeters.
With identical tyes there should be nearby no difference between our bikes…I thought… :question:


Looking at the photos you posted , and comparing mine, originally Im having something like ~2mm too.At the first instance ,the sidewall of the rear wheel was rubbed by the top screw head.
I grinded the screwhead to make it flat , thus increasing the gap between the screw and the wheel.
Currently its about ~4mm and I installed the fender without the washer .I am in the monitoring stage at the moment.This morning I had a long ride of 55kms .on a mix asphalted park connector road.
My question is what causes the rubbing of the screw to the sidewall? Is it a bearing issue which is not detected when the bike is on static? I tried rolling the wheel and observe for any wobbling of the frame.I also tried pressing the wheel frame but never detected a slight movement.Comparing it with the front wheel , the said front wheel have a slight movement, but I guess is within tolerance.

Exactly what I ask myself the whole time, I can’t imagine the reason.
With so much bearing play you couldn’t ride normally, I think…but that’s also just a meaning.

I’m afraid you will need either an experienced bike mechanic plus another SX to compare or a local Strida expert.

Maybe you could ask your general distributor for help?
According to Ming’s distributor page that should be

Mighty Velo Pte Ltd - formerly Diginexx
239 Lavender Street Singapore 338783
Tel: +65-63966280 Fax: +65 6396 6281

And - respect for that distance!

Actually, I got my SX from Mighty Velo, and earlier on I already told them about my problem too. They suggested to me to bring my set to the shop for checks,but because of my work schedule and their timing of store opening, it maybe difficult for me to bring it over.
When I bought a spare tyre ,in case my tyre burst due to the rubbing of the sidewall, I had a word with them, but due to my working schedule, it maybe difficult.
Thats the reason I tried looking for solution thru this forum.
Last night, I had a quick check on my current installation of the fender without the washer. I had put a cable tie around as a precautionary measure in case the installation fail. I would like to correct that the gap is about ~6mm from the screwhead (flat) to the sidewall.(initially I mentioned ~4mm. I hope this will be better.


In following post ([url]Front wheel play or movement]), you mentioned that the front wheel had a lateral play of about 1 mm due to the bearing, which was too much according to me.

I guess it could be the cause of your tire rubbing issue, or did you reduce the play since then?


The front tyre with the 1mm.lateral play remain the same and I’m keeping it without the fender.It looked like there is no change in the tyre play after using it for almost two months .
The rear wheel is with the fender ,but like I mentioned before ,I had grinded the rounded head of the top screw to widen the gap between the tyre wall and screw head.I’m keeping it at current stage and monitoring.I also try to inflate my tyres to 75-85 less than 75.