Swap lower frame tube on a Strida 3 for a Strida 5's?

Hello everybody

I am new to the board and a proud owner of a strida 3 (or 3.2?) as of yesterday. I really like the bike, except for the plastic housing of the crank. It seems wobbly and produces funky sounds when I start riding as the plastic “chain ring” is being bent towards the crank support.
Looking at the Strida 5, I thought maybe one could switch the bottom frame tube for a more recent one? Is this at all possible? And where (I’m in Switzerland) would one get that from? It seems quite hard, at least online, to order Strida stuff to Switzerland.

Thank you for any pointers.

Cheers, Florian

Hello florian,

welcome at the Stridaforum!

Interesting topic, unfortunately I’ve never had a 3.0 in hands, so I’m unable to say yes or no in general…

Maybe it’s helpful to take a look at the spare parts drawings first;

Strida 3.2 parts list & exploded view at page 18+19:
Strida 5.0 exploded drawing, between page 11+12:

assumed that parts with the same parts numbers are in fact identical we can see:

At the front end of the bottom tube there is the connection to the steering pin (216-00) with the upper (100-03) and lower (100-04) bearing - all three parts seem to be identical.
The rear end is connected via the axle of the rear wheel part nr. 340 (on Strida 3) or the axle part nr. 340-08 (on Strida 5).
It has to be figured out if these two axles are equal.
The plastic guidance of the rear axle stump (part nr. 100-07) will be identical on both Strida versions - hopefully.

Btw, did you notice that you will also need the complete excentric bottom bracket (130-00), the belt tension bolt (274) and washer (474) and the plastic beltwheel (127) including cranks (group 128)?
(Just to mention it - that would be no problem because a slightly used set of these parts is stored in Vienna.)

Did you already ask at Strida Suisse if it is possible to order the bottom frame tube?
You might also ask at Strida Europe/Vanmoof for it:

Personal advice:
We will meet Sara (Sales manager of Strida) at the Eurobike in Germany soon, if you want I could ask her personally if the bottom tube change would be possible - please let me know.

Kind regards,


Hi Chris

Awesome, thanks for all the info! I looked at the Swiss Strida site, but it looked quite empty and seemed a little inactive to me :slight_smile: I’ll drop them a line.

Looking at the exploded views, the two setups really do look very similar. There’s one more wahser, 363, and one that’s named differently, 367-3 / 367, on the rear axle, and as you said, the axle numbers.
It would be really cool if you could ask Sara about it. And yes, I’m aware I’d need the whole bottom bracket / beltwheel / cranks. If you have some laying around, I would gladly buy them from you.

Thanks again, Florian

One more thing came to my mind. Could someone please verify? On the Strida 3, the freewheel is integrated in the beltwheel in front. From what I see on the exploded views, on the Strida 5 it’s moved to the read wheel, is that correct?

Of course you’re right!
Yes, well, I’ve overlooked that, sorry, shame on me :blush:
So it has also to be verified if the freewheel does fit the 3.0 rear wheel.
I hope to know more at Wednesday.

Hi florian,

beg your pardon for the delay.

Unfortunately was Sara extremely busy at the fair and we couldn’t verify for 100% if it is possible to change the bottom tubes without problems or not.
Principially it seems possible, but to be sure we have to check ourselves.

I’m highly interested in this modification and do have several suggestions how to start, but I think it would be better to talk about that first outside of the forum and present the results to members later.

If you are also still interested, would you mind to mail me in private?
(Mailaddress already in your post box - upper left corner after login.)