Suggestions on Most "Portable" folding bike

Hi all
I am new to the forum. :blush: Hence, a warm handshake to each of you great individuals!
I want to buy a folding bike that is the most portable. I have only this one criteria.
Hence it needs to be as light as possible
Secondly, it would be awesome if I can “drag and roll” it on its wheel(s) once I have folded it. So that way I do not have to lift the whole thing up.
These 2 things will make it portable. Even if I can’t ride in some place, after folding it if I can drag like a cabin baggage airport strolley, it will not wear/tire me down. :neutral_face:
I do not have any other criteria.
I need a “commuting bike” basically.
Kindly suggest. Any idea on how to purchase also welcome. :bulb: Over internet etc. :question:

Hello bikerider123,

welcome at our folding bike forums (I’ve seen also your post at the foldingforum).
As your question is not really Strida specific, I’ve moved your post to this category and hope you don’t mind.

Let me say one thing first: Many folding bikes cannot be dragged, in this position will the reversed back wheel drive the cranks - and pedals or cranks will interfere with the frame - most folded bikes can be pushed before you, but not pulled behind you.

You did not say anything about your expected road conditons:
If the surface is very bad you should look for wheel sizes not below 20 inch.
If there are steep hills you will need gears - single speed will not be satisfying.

However, one of the lightest folding bikes seems to be the Dahon Jifo
unfortunately it’s not made to push it along.
I know that it is possible to push the Dahon mu series,
but it is not very comfortable because the wheels are not completely parallel to each other.
As a Strida fan, I believe the Strida is the most comfortable bike for being pushed
but I’d not recommend to buy it without being ridden on it before - the Strida is a bit special - either you like or you don’t.
And it would be bad to have bought a bike which you don’t like to ride…

However…the owner of this folding bike store
dasfaltrad stock/pricelist
is a good friend and each of your questions will be answered, just let me know :smiley:

Generally we recommend to test ride a (folding) bike before purchase, guess exactly that might be a problem in your region…

Kind regards from Vienna,