Stridas @ Ride of Silence Hong Kong 2011 … 737261729/

Stridas in front of Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower


Jeff, the Secretary of Hong Kong Strida Club

Joel & Andy

Wilson, the Chairman of Hong Kong Strida Club

Jeff & Wilson

My Strida SD :mrgreen:


What is Ride of Silence?

Facebook Event Page of Ride of Silence Hong Kong 2011

Great event! Thanks for sharing photos :smiley:
How was the participants number 1078 possible? Honk Kong seems to be Bicycle World first in Asia.

I think this was an outcry of cyclists here because Hong Kong is the most bike-unfriendly city in the world. :imp:

Thanks for Sharing - GREAT pix and GREAT values :slight_smile:

Bike unfriendly? but I keep seeing your youtube videos of this strida club and they go on these super nice trails around HK?? And that poster of the abike seems to find these beautifully paved trails.

But whenever I’m in HK I can NEVER find these lovely trails that you guys post.

Oh yeah that video for the ride of silence was busy with heavy bike traffic it was funny watching a few guys with full racing gear on racing bicycles going 10km/hr hehah. The abike would have been good enough for this ride.

I think you might get more ideas about this by reading this thread on :wink: