Strida's do well In Folding London bike races

Well done Strida Team In Smithfield Nocturne folding bike race … 5 out of 12 in the Final (including single speed … ALL Belt drive) , the final is the top 40 out of 100 riders. The other 60 who missed the cut included, some very serious, folding bikes and riders … Bromptons, Dahon, airnimal, etc.

List of 100 Starters: (divided into 2 heats plus a final, ‘race of winners’): … Race/page8
Final results of the Top 40 places: … kerace.php

The 2x winner Keith Henderson won again on a £2000+ / $3000+ Dahon Mu EX , the top 20 places were all super fit /serious racers / semi-pro riders, on Pacific Reach Race, swift, Brompton Ti’s. …

More info:
BritishCycling (Pro’s)… … Nocturne-0
See bottom of page for Strida EU’s Arnold (AKA Superhero on Superhero yellow Strida) in the Final, of the nocturne folding bike races.

Pictures by Lorette Sanders on Flickr … … 316738210/

Plus early uploads from Others’ … 010&m=text
Video’s linked from Juan Marquez’ :
Youtube (so far): (heat 1)
see how fast the Strida’s get away in the final …

Fun! Thanks for sharing.

Surprised not to see any Birdys in the top finishers’ list. Can one read anything into that?

A Pacific reach came in 11th in the final - pretty good.

there was no one entering with a birdy at all.

felt like 80% of the field where bromptons. Run this race in the states and you’ll probably get 80% bike friday’s.

Congratulations to all those strida riders! :wink: