Strida3 frame failure

Rear tube snapped whilst i was riding! Clean break inside the plastic seat mount (15mm from the bottom). Imagine my surprise, luckily i was going slowly. Bike purchased in Nov 2006, so out of warranty. New tube supplied free of charge by Taiwan via Netherlands. Done probably 4,000 miles on it. Many thanks to Velorution London for years of support, but my Strida years are over. Bought a replacement Brompton and can’t imagine going back.

Hi Chris,

I’m sorry to hear that you have such terrible experience with your Strida. :confused:
However, could you post the photos which show the break here? Thank you!


Sorry to hear this, but pleased Strida honoured your frame warrantee. Aluminium bikes can fatigue, but it’s usually only after a long life. Brompton alloy handlebars have been known to fatigue and shear off at the clamp to the stem. But the advantage of steel is it has a very long fatigue life.

Enjoy your brompton - I’ve got one and two Stridas, and what you probably won’t miss is the attention Strida still gets !

But do remember to swop arms when carrying the B, or one will grow longer and even drag along the floor :slight_smile:

How do I post a picture? Can’t figure it out.

Here are tips about posting pictures on this forum: :wink: