Strida2 wheel bearings

Hi. First post. I got into “multi-modal” commuting over 8 years ago; a Strida2 was my first folder. I put 1,000 miles on it and generally liked it, but had trouble with the wheel bearings. I am a heavier rider (200 pounds), within the weight limit of the Strida2, but apparently too heavy for the bearings. I got very handy at adjusting the bearings when they got loose, and actually replaced the axles at one point. But eventually I got a different bike, which has its own set of peculiarities, but has been more suited to my needs.

Still… I like that little Strida2, which is otherwise in pretty good shape. So, my question is this:
Can I replace the wheels with later models with cartridge bearings? Would I need new brakes as well? Are there any reports of the durability (or otherwise) of the newer bearings?
Many thanks!

Good question !
I guess that if you also change the axles (and probably brakes) the mountings between strida2 and 3 are the same.

But I always thought the wheels / bearings / brakes were better on the Strida 1 & 2 as they came from a motorcycle wheel manufacturer :


I guess as they are in italy it might be easier to have a machine shop convert the cone and cup bearings into cartridge bearings - on the same axles, to keep the same brakes. There are myriad of cartridge bearings to choose from, so it just depends on the skill of the shop, to match the outside diameter of a cartridge bearing to the matching space / housing in the wheels, possibly making up a spacer to match the inner diameter of the bearing to the axles.
Also it will need a spacer between the bearings (as on roller blade wheels).

I think the rear pulley fo Strida1 & 2 is now ‘unobatainium’ and they wear most on the inside brake side … so if you can manage on the (powerful) front break only … the rear pulley should then last a lifetime.

There again you could just get a new Strida LT, and ebay the Mk2 :smiley: and benefit from 10+ years of development.

Good luck and please let us all know how you get on.