Strida X Evangelion Unit-01

Information about Neon Genesis Evangelion and EVA Unit-01

Where is the heck did he get a white belt drive?! very pimp on what these guys in Hong kong does to their stridas. I’ll have to rewire my brake cables for the winter cause they’re starting to crack so i might pick a bright red colour for the housing :slight_smile:

From mainland China, the world’s factory, of course. :mrgreen:

Any idea how we could get our hands on the white belt??

Hi zwane,

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Guess the white belt is an Asian specialty, but you might try to google for the timing belt
“HTD 1440-8m 13” for single-speed Strida or
“HTD 1360-8m 13” for two-speed Stridas and then contact your local belt supplier support.

Is Wilson selling that belt or is there a specific store in HKG selling that? For how much?

My friends are going to HKG for their honeymoon and I would bother them a bit for this white belt. hehehehe. I just hope it’s in Kowloon area accessible by MTR.

No, the “Strida X EVA Unit-01” belongs to hinchan, a member of Hong Kong Strida Club who is working in mainland China and bought the belt from there. I don’t think there is any specific store in Hong Kong selling that belt. :unamused: