Strida with front suspension

Strida front suspension at Taipei Cycle Show 2014

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Here is the pic:

Nice solution, but the price and the weight will again increase :confused:

I’d use a piece of rubber: easier and cheaper.

There is probably a piece of rubber inside the fork leg (or a coil spring), but this “heavy” and complex construction is needed to provide the required stiffness (single side fork) as well as a proper guiding of the wheel: the lower part of the fork may not rotate relatively to the upper part :laughing:

I stared at the picture for a good half hour trying to figure out how it worked. That hinge wierded me out. I’m still a bit baffled with the bend in the fork being right there, but I’m no engineer.

I would like one of those but between the weight gain and added maintenance, I’ll pass on it. It’s probably for the best as I’d invariably end up doing something on my Strida that I shouldn’t and wrecking something.

I wonder if they’ll sell just the front fork/tube so folks with the older models can upgrade.

I’d rather a frame with more room for bigger tires. A balloon tire (i.e. Schwalbe Big Apple) would do the same job without the pain of maintenance. I think one of the beauties of Strida is the “you pedal, you go”.

With a few little mods it’s possible to use 16 inch tyres up to ~ 2" width :wink:

For example Maxxis Hookworm 16 x 1,95 or Schwalbe Big Apple 16 x 2,00

I love the Schwalbe Big Apple, but I don’t want to forgo the 18" wheels. There is no options: I need to get used to the bouncy Innova on the “wonderful” streets in this side of Atlantic. To relieve this, I just installed a Brooks Flyer saddle. Some springs below the butt are better than nothing :laughing:

Understand, 18"…not much tyre choice.

You may try the hard way: Ride for one week Kojak’s (at least on 7,8 bar) - they are similar to concrete at this pressure…
After that you’ll love to switch back to the bouncy Innova’s :laughing:

And the people say that austrians have no sense of humor! Hahaha!

[size=150]WHO SAID THAT?!?[/size]

Bring them to us we’ll teach them…

email from Ming Cycle :frowning:

Thank you MiS!

Who the f… is meant with all customers??
Where were this opinions collected?
Which customer did they ever ask for anything?

That’s a bad joke…

I agree, they should at least consult Strida users on the various Strida forums :exclamation:

I think with bike manufacturers they have to come up with something new so that people would buy their product. Or previous owners would want to upgrade. Like fast food chains introducing something new in the menu.

It’s nice that they are innovating but a suspension is not something you’d add to the Strida.

Strida = Simple. They should stick to this design principle.

Finally! I’ve been crying for that fork for a cpl years now. Front AND back. With a thudbuster style seat post. How the heck can anyone NOT like suspension. It’s worth the maintenance and weight. Mabey even up it to 3" travel or more. With an electric wheel too.

In case Strida ever reads this thread, I chose to buy a 5.0 over an 18" model because I knew I could put the 16" Apples on it.

I think they should just bend the frame tubes tighter and/or at a higher location to allow more tire clearance.

I am not sure if a trailing link would be a better solution since it would have to be single sided robust but at least there could be a simple elastomer instead of an oil sealed shock.